Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Amazing Race--Missionary Edition

Ryan has served with the Young Men in our church for many years... and for the last three he has put together some really fun "Amazing Race" activities. He loves the TV show and kept thinking it would be great to do for a Youth activity. The first two years were huge--each team had to drive to different locations and do several activities that included service, games (like Sudoku), and physical activities. This year he scaled it down a bit (kept it in the neighborhood) and made it into a missionary activity.

The teams had to memorize part of D&C 4 and plan a scripture to share with a family in the ward--each team was given an "area map" and had to knock doors. They had to make treats to share with a family and later eat food that was less than appetizing.

Our house was the button stop--each team member had to sew on a button before they could get their next clue/task.

Everyone had a great time--Amazing Race activities are a lot of work (and require a lot of creativity) but in the end worth it all. Way to go Ry!


Linn said...

Oh I love this show! I have missed it for the past few seasons, but it is definitely on my favorites list.