Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today I was thrilled for the opportunity to help out at our school's Mock Election (thanks to our awesome PTA president!). It was so exciting to be with the kids who were full of enthusiasm to have a chance to cast their ballot. I chatted with a teacher who got to vote for the first time today (she just became a US citizen) and felt overwhelmed with gratitude that in our day, every citizen can vote, regardless of race, gender, or social status. I don't think most of the children have learned yet what people in years past have sacrificed and suffered so that voting rights could be given to all people--even as adults we tend to overlook all that has taken place so that we can enjoy this privilege.

I overheard a few things that made me sad and incredulous (one student said they would not vote for Obama because he's black and their family doesn't like black people, another couldn't remember who to vote for and asked, "Which one has the same color skin as me?"). It is heartbreaking that there are still people who are so racist and that adults are sharing their racial bias with their impressionable children. If you don't like his ideas and policies, fine, but don't let skin color be the reason you vote for or against someone. Although McCain won by many votes at our school and will certainly win the majority of votes in our fair state, I am thrilled at the likelihood that we will have a first-family of African-American heritage.

To lighten the mood a bit, we enjoyed the write-in candidates: several for Mitt Romney, one for Archuleta, and two for "Mom."

Later in the day I was giddy at the thought that I got to cast my own ballot and have my say.

I hope you took the opportunity to vote!


Kristy said...

So sad that racism still circulates. I was so thrilled to vote and look forward to some change in the White House!!

LAURA and ELIZA said...

That is sad that people still have those thoughts. I hope that I can teach my kids fairness and equality. I hope that this change in the white house will be a good one.

sara said...

I think to say race didn't play a factor in this election would be a lie. But watching it last night made me think that there are far less racist people in our country than some would like to think. Which made me proud (yet again) to be an American.

About the kids comments, which are sad. Before jumping to the conclusion that their parents passed on their views to the kids, I like to think of the things my kids have said or done in their short 3 and 5 years that I KNOW I HAVE NOT TAUGHT THEM TO DO. Sometimes kids say things. Sometimes their parents are at fault. Sometimes not.

Look at me, trying to stir the pot again.

That's why I like your blog Lisa, I know you won't be offended.

Lisa R.D. said...

Sara...you are so right. I hope that I'm not judged by everything that comes out of my children's mouths (and likewise I am sure that MY parents hope they are not judged by what comes out of my mouth!). Thanks for reminding us that children do have minds and mouths of their own :).

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just loved the write in votes. I'd vote for mom too!