Monday, March 9, 2009

32 Big Ones

In honor of Ryan's 32nd birthday, I thought I'd share 32 things about my man.

  1. He was born in Provo, Utah and is still a BYU fan (his mom says he could say "blue" at 6 months old--or some other ridiculously young age). He even played trumpet in the marching band for two years before his mission. He graduated from BYU with a degree from the Business School in Information Systems.
  2. He likes to go geocaching. Today he took the kids while I visited Megan--he and the kids found five caches, and they even found a travel bug in one of them.

  3. He loves soccer and he played in high school...
  4. ...until his leg was brutally broken during a game in his junior year. He kept the cast (and the rod that was in his leg) for a ridiculously long time. It might still be lurking somewhere around here.
  5. He used his "extra" time while his leg was healing to learn to play the piano.
  6. He still loves soccer and he has been coaching Olivia's team for a couple of years. He just started indoor soccer too.
  7. He loves playing games--all kinds.
  8. He usually wins, it doesn't matter what the game is. He doesn't believe in throwing a game just to build confidence in his kids (or in his wife, who sometimes throws hissy fits when she loses).
  9. He's a great dad and both of his kids LOVE to be around him.
  10. He loves to take pictures.
  11. He's pretty good at it (check this out).
  12. He likes to eat out (or maybe that's me?). Today we enjoyed his free bowl of noodles from Noodles & Company. We both think it's a lovely thing they do around birthday time to send a coupon for a free dish.

  13. He's a good cook--he is especially good at making frozen raspberry lemonades and cajun chicken pasta.
  14. He likes to plan fun and creative dates.
  15. He hates paying for babysitters.
  16. He likes good TV just as much as I do.
  17. He served a mission for the LDS Church in Vina Del Mar, Chile.
  18. He met his wife on his mission, and he really didn't like her at first.
  19. He hates to paint. His wife has been known to paint a wall or a room or two while he's out of town.
  20. He knows everything there is to know about computers and he has never-ending patience with his wife and others that aren't so savvy.
  21. He hasn't had to interview for a job in many, many years. (Let's hope this one stays true for many years to come!)
  22. He loves to tease and tickle his kids and his wife.
  23. He is a Scouting pro--he is an Eagle Scout and he finished his Wood Badge training. He's had almost every calling there is in the Scouting program and he currently serves as the Scout Committee Chair.
  24. He's really good at Rock Band and Guitar Hero. He can even play on "expert" level.
  25. He has gone to Bear Lake every year since he was a wee one with his extended family (except for his mission years). He is really good about resisting the urge to purchase and consume Bear Lake raspberry shakes on Fast Sundays, despite the social pressures all around him.
  26. He hearts his iPhone and all the apps that are on it.
  27. He really hates bumper stickers and cutesie vinyl things on cars.
  28. He hates getting clothes for gifts but he LOVES getting iTunes gift cards.

  29. He loves music and has a great singing voice. On his mission he carried a pitch pipe, which his future-wife thought was kinda nerdy. He just shared the GREAT news with his wife--he found his pitch pipe.
  30. He doesn't have a problem saying no, although his wife often commits him to things he probably would say no to. He's usually a good sport about it.
  31. He has a great sense of humor and he likes to play practical jokes.
  32. His favorite cake is German Chocolate, and he gets exactly one made from scratch for him per year, on his birthday. Unless it's 2009 and we didn't invite anyone to share the goodness with us. Then he gets German Chocolate Cake (from a Betty Crocker mix) muffins, still topped with the tasty (to him) homemade coconut-pecan frosting, minus the maraschino cherry on top.

Happy Birthday Ryan!!! We love you!!!


Sara White said...

Way to go on the cupcakes. They look great! Did you end up buying a large muffin tin or did you borrow? I have all sorts of cupcake ideas for future birthdays:).

emilyw said...

It's great to get to know Ryan a little more. It sounds like you know him pretty well.... ;) Happy Birthday Ryan!

Julie Pia said...

What a sweet tribute to your Birthday Boy. He's lucky to have such an awesome, supportive wifey!

Happy Birthday Ryan!


RyanH said...

OK, I need to offer a few clarifications :)

1 - I was in the BYU marching band for two years, but was a band geek through many elementary school years, Jr. High, and High School.
2 - It's been a while since we've been out, thanks to #28 (iPhone gift cards) and #26 (iPhone) I bought a geocaching app and out we went!
3 - Wow, that was a long time ago
4 - Ouch, that hurt.
5 - OK, it might be time to get rid of that... (I did say might)
6 - I'm not sure Olivia likes it as much as I do :)
7 - Settlers of Catan is my latest favorite game.
8 - I don't USUALLY win... maybe a little over 50% and have you seen any of our ward basketball games? :)
9 - Good thing I love to around them!
10 - New found hobby!
11 - Practice, practice, practice!
12 - Yay to Noodles & Co for free birthday meals.
13 - Don't forget Hot Dog Creole, and toast.
14 - Now if only I could figure out how to do it and not pay a baby sitter!
15 - See #14
16 - 24, Lost, Chuck, Battlestar Gallactica... the list goes on
17 - I love Chile.
18 - No offense, it wasn't just you :)
19 - Understatement.
20 - Exaggeration :) I suppose it's just all in the eyes of the beholder.
21 - I couldn't agree more.
22 - I can't help it they're so ticklish!
23 - I do love Scouting, but I'm not a "Pro" as they get paid to be scouters, but there are many scouting callings I have had :)
24 - Can play, but rarely pass the level :)
25 - Oh, raspberry shakes... tasty!
26 - I do like my tech, and my iPhone is the latest. It all started with my Handspring Visor, then Visor Edge, then Sony Clie 700, then Dell Axim x50v, then Blackberry 8700.
27 - Ugh
28 - Yay for no clothes!
29 - I found my pitch pipe just this last weekend, watch out!
30 - Usually... :)
31 - I think we have a green wooden spoon somewhere...
32 - Yay for German Chocolate Muffins, great idea this year!

Anonymous said...

We love geo cashing too! And there are professional scouters? That get paid?? hmmm...

Happy Birthday!

the harpers said...

This was fun to read!! Now we know what to get Ryan for his birthday!! A T-Shirt and those cute vinyl people you put on the back window of your car!! Happy Birthday :)

Sally said...

Can you believe that Troy has a pitch pipe too?! He carries it in his suit pocket thinking it will come in handy on Sundays when the men sing a cappella in their meetings. It does, but I giggle about it too.
I also hate those vinyl things. Why do people think anyone is going to look at it or care? Snarky of me, I know. The sea turtles are especially annoying. (Here's hoping you don't have one on your car!)
By the way, what does your Breastfeeding Cafe do? I feel like I should know more about it.

Heidi said...

Sounds like you made a pretty good catch, Lisa!