Saturday, March 7, 2009

Young Love

Remember a few months ago I shared a funny little angst-filled break-up note that a boy had given to Olivia? (See this post if you don't remember it or if you just want a good laugh again.)

So I spent the better part of today going through piles and papers and lots of stuff. I found this gem amongst the stacks and had to share. It was given to Olivia a month or so before the big break-up, I suppose at the height of cute Ethan's love for my sweet Liv.

The kid knows how to write a love letter--I mean he compliments her eyes, her hair, her shoes, says she's the prettiest girl in the whole world AND that he can't stop looking at her. What more can a girl ask for? After reading this, I'm a little bit more sad that he's going to be too busy making light sabers and stuff to love her when he's older.