Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'll Follow in Faith

We've just started attending baptismal services for Olivia's friends that are turning 8. Last weekend sweet Lauren was baptized, and I loved something that her mom (my good friend Shirlene, whom I have admired and adored since I met) had us do while we waited for her to get dressed. She passed around notecards and pens and asked us all to write a quick note to Lauren on her special day. (I love that she and my other friends do things before my turn comes, so I can get great ideas!)

I looked over Olivia's shoulder and I was impressed by what I read.

I had the Spirit watching you get baptized. You gave me faith to get baptized. I am glad that I got to come to your baptism. You are a great friend.

I was reminded of the Primary song and the pledge that was on Lauren's invitation to follow Him in faith. I am so grateful that Olivia has had friends follow the Savior, that she is recognizing the Spirit when she feels it, and that she too has a desire to follow Him in faith.

The next day was Fast Sunday--as I was getting cereal out for the kids, Olivia told me she was going to fast, all day long. I was a little surprised (we've talked about fasting a lot and she's seen Ryan and I do it--she's even given it a good attempt a couple of times, but she's never really been excited about doing it all day) but I was impressed with her conviction. We knelt down together for our family prayer in the morning and talked about the things we were fasting for and prayed together that Heavenly Father would bless us and the people we care about. Olivia didn't complain once during the day, and she fasted until we ate dinner later that night.

Before church, both kids got down their piggy banks and said they wanted to pay something once we got to church. They didn't owe money for tithing, so we talked a little about the other funds they could contribute to--humanitarian aid, the missionary fund, the temple fund, etc. Coleman said, "All of them, Mom, I want to give money to all of them" and Olivia also wanted to spread her money around. They each took several dollars and a handful of change from their SPEND fund and donated it to the Church in several different categories. There was no feeling of obligation, no pressure to donate, just a pure desire to do good and share their "wealth."

When people ask if I "work" I often joke that I do work, but I don't get a paycheck. I love experiences like this with my children, that far outweigh any monetary compensation I could receive for the work I do. More than that, I am grateful to have been blessed with such a strong spirited daughter and son who are sensitive to the promptings they receive and who have no qualms about exercising their faith.

They give me strength to follow in faith too.


Linn said...

Oh those kids are wonderful! Thanks for sharing those sweet thoughts. And yes, as mothers, we do get paid. Just not in the lame way the world hands out paychecks.

Julie Pia said...

What a great idea for a baptism. I think I'll do that as well. Thanks!

Bobette said...

So sweet! That is so exciting! Aidan will be getting baptized in about a year and a half! That is crazy to me! I LOVE that idea that your friend did. I might have to keep that in mind! Thanks!

Rockelle said...

what great kids you have there Lisa...I have to "pay" my kids to bear their testimonies!

lArZ said...

That is so awesome! What sweet kids! This is def. the result of great work from a great mom. =)There's a reason we named Faith, Faith. I have a constant reminder to show a little more faith. Thanks for sharing. =)

Valerie said...

I feel so proud of my children when they do things like that. It makes you feel like all your sacrifice and WORK as a mom actually make a difference.

I like the idea of passing around notecards for the preson getting baptized. We have at least one convert baptism every month in our ward and I'd love to suggest this. Thanks for passing it along.

By the way, now I'm in the mood to go skating. I loved roller skating too, but now I feel so old doing it with all the younger people on roller blades. I just don't like those. :)

the harpers said...

Beautiful post! Olivia is a very sweet little girl and we are all really proud of her. You and Ryan do a great job with your children and it is so obvious when you are around them. I too love it when people have great ideas before me..(you!!)! I will have to keep that one in mind!