Friday, April 10, 2009

200th Post

For the 200th time I'll publish a post
With not much to say, just a little boast...

I got a job, oh yes, it's true
A part-time gig at WIC is what I'll do.

I was going to interview at a hospital as well
Timpanogos Regional might have hired, which could have been swell.

Olivia asked, "You'll work at Wikipedia, Mom?"
And Coleman said, "Timpanogos Cave, that's the bomb!"

They are excited to get to play with friends
Re-entering the work force might give me the bends.

I'll be teaching about nutrition and such
and if we go to lunch I can now go dutch.

So many gracious thanks to everyone
For your love and concern, maybe our worries aren't done.

The mess that our economy is in
Has taken it's toll where Ryan's work has been.

His job is still there but hours are cut
And his salary too, it's a pain in the ....

Provident living is a great and wise school of thought
Had we done it better we might not feel so distraught.

We know that we will come out okay
And we'll build our savings for the NEXT rainy day.

We are so very grateful to those who have given so freely
Of time, means, and compassion or even a mealy.

We hope you aren't bored with this silly little rhyme,
We will end it now, it's certainly time.


Shirlene said...

I'm so glad you got the job.....and that you found out before leaving on your trip. I'm sure you're relieved and excited! I hope you guys have a great time!

Valerie said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a bit stressful with so many changes, but I hope it all works out well for you and your family. It sure would be nice if this economy turned back around! Cute rhyme by the way.

Cheri said...

So sorry about the job situation! So many of my friends' husbands have taken pay cuts too. Scary times. You'll do great at your new job!

emilyw said...

I now understand your feelings in the last post. I will continue to pray for your family. So glad to hear about your job! Thank goodness for education, right? You have the greatest rhymes! :)

Linn said...

You will do a fabulous job! We are praying for you and your darling family!

Christy P. said...

Congratulations on the new job. I know that in SL County there are thousands more people receiving help through WIC but not any more case-workers to facilitate the process. I expect that the situation is similar in your county. I'm sure it will be a tough adjustment, but what good fortune to be doing a job that will directly help other families in an even tougher position! AND to have it be a job where you can be an advocate for breastfeeding and healthful living!

Kristi said...

I'm sorry things have been tough lately. Your family is so wonderful and full of great examples...I know blessings will come your way. You are going to do such a great job out there.