Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blessings of the week...

This week I'm grateful for so many supportive friends and family members.

I'm grateful for good counsel from Church leaders (listen here) and a chance to examine my life and see where I need to improve. Oh, can we count the ways? I love Conference weekend. I love eating cinnamon rolls and watching Conference with my family while they color ties and play Conference Bingo. (This time around I missed gathering at my granddad's house for a yummy potluck and visiting with my family.)

I'm grateful for a VT who knew that warm rolls and a simple note would be more meaningful than a lengthy visit and message.

I'm grateful for friends who brought soup and rolls and treats and words of encouragement.

I'm grateful for a dear friend who provided me with a box of decadent dark chocolates, complete with a guide so it wouldn't be a guess each time I chose one of the treats she hand-picked for me.

I'm grateful for kids who love me, even though by their own admission (and mine) I wasn't very much fun this weekend.

I'm grateful that Roberts gave us a chance to get out of the house and let the creative juices flow.

We made some alligators with boondoggle and beads. Longest craft to make EVER especially for a make-and-take. They should have called it a "stay for three hours and make this ridiculous alligator with no clear instructions and then take it with you if you can finish it with the help of the well-meaning and helpful worker who probably wishes you had passed her table by craft." Coleman loved it. Me, not so much.

Liv made this darling card.

I'm grateful that my husband finally returned to cell phone range.

I'm grateful for another chance to get out of the house and listen to uplifting music. If you need to commission some music, M. Ryan Taylor's your guy.

Most of all, I'm grateful for family members and friends who have provided leads for work opportunities, help with piano lessons and gymnastics classes, and good shoulders to cry on--even though many are in much worse situations than we are.

**What's your favorite part about Conference weekend?
**Do your craft projects ever elicit such negative emotions, or is it just me?
**What do you feel grateful for these days?


Cheri said...

Aw Lisa, I'm sorry you had a hard week. I'm glad to see, however, the visiting teaching program fulfilling its purpose - those rolls look divine! I also enjoyed conference weekend, especially the talks by Elder Bednar and Elder Scott. What a great experience we have to listen to these inspired men!

Julie Pia said...

I'm just grateful for President Monson's words of encouragement. I felt so much better after he said we were going to be okay as long as we remain faithful.

I hope you're doing okay?! Loves....

Bobette said...

I'm sorry you had a hard week also. Is everything okay? I hope so. I loved conference also. I always do. Love ya!

Sally said...

I love getting to sleep in, having no church responsibilities and eating Bubble Bread for breakfast. I like trading foot rubs with my girls during the talks, although their stamina leaves something to be desired.
I don't do crafts, so I can't say, but you look ambitious. Quit trying so hard. :)
I feel grateful for our house, and for the feeling that I think we'll get to keep it and stay here and that we still have insurance and other benefits. I'm glad that Troy and I both seem to have grown more appreciation for our kids and their health and vitality. I really hope that continues, because there are worse problems than money, and I hope to avoid them.
I felt like conference was all for me this time, and I don't always feel that way. I think I was flushing during it because I felt so self conscious about taking up the people of the world's time for talks meant for me. Actually, it reassured me that many many people are in the same boat, and it helped.
And lastly, Paris, here you come!

Yoga Girl said...

I loved Conference this last weekend! I loved that the talks were centered on Christ and the temple. I love watching church in my PJ's at home...seriously, conference should be once a month ;)
Hope you are doing better...

Anonymous said...

Conference was a blast. Cliff is getting married, so we had a wedding shower for his fiance during priesthood meeting. That was probably my favorite part of the weekend. I loved all the talks though, and hanging around the house with the Jerry and the kids. I'm so grateful we have actual prophets and apostles to tell us exactly what Heavenly Father wants us to know.

Janene said...

Now I'm worried. I hope everything is ok!? Now I wish I could have seen you Sunday to have offered a big hug.

today... I'm grateful for a blessing of comfort from my good husband. Heavenly Father loves each of us so much! Hang in there!

Linn said...

What a sweet post! I'm not sure everything that is going on, but you and your sweet family are sure in our prayers.

Kristy said...

I hope all is well. Conference was great and we all have so much to be thankful for!

emilyw said...

So, what's up? I read this great post with mixed emotions. I felt inspired by your thoughts on gratitude and worried about your hard week. I hope things are better. I'll be praying for you!