Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Funnies

Olivia and Coleman have been looking forward to this day for weeks. Coleman kept saying, "Oh, I just can't WAIT for Wednesday!" and I'd have to ask him what he was so excited for (April Fools Day is not one of my favorite holidays--after all, there aren't any presents or candy associated with it!).

Ry and I decided that with all the excitement and anticipation, we couldn't disappoint.

Olivia woke up to find her closet empty and Coleman's dresser drawers had been removed. All the couch cushions were piled high on the floor (much to their delight) and the kitchen chairs and stools were all upside down. The crowning moment though was breakfast... we served orange juice (which was really jello so it wouldn't come out when they tried to drink it) and we froze cereal, milk, and a spoon last night. I wish I had caught their expressions and "What the...?!?" questions. It was very fun!
At school Olivia made this fun April Fools Day tie and had a few tricks pulled on her by her teacher and the custodian. She offered to make Coleman's bed and pulled a classic trick on him... she short-sheeted his bed (as she saw on the Disney channel). Tonight when he got into bed he laughed and laughed. He thought that was a good one! Olivia laughed and laughed too.

**Do you play tricks on anyone for April Fools?
**Any ideas for next year?


The Rich Family said...

You are such a fun mom. I love that you take and make the time to do fun things like that. You are an inspiration!!!!

Bobette said...

Cute! Hey, you asked me about the font I used for my signature. It is Scriptina. I found it online for free. Mike helped me download it. I can't remember the website but I just looked up free fonts for macs. I haven't had the spacing problem you have had though. Maybe you could try to download this one and try it again. Good luck! It is one of my favorites!

Lula Mae said...

Those are funny ideas. I'll have to remember them for next year.

Heather said...

Honestly, I am envious of the fun stuff that you do on the holidays. You know what...Email me what you are going to do on the holidays and I will copy you. Seriously. I need the help.

Kristy said...

Too Funny! I did tell my class there was no test...but there was! Other than that this holiday I was a little boring.

Valerie said...

The jello in the glass and the frozen cereal is great! I hope I remember that for next year!!