Sunday, August 23, 2009

Because I'm the Mom

We were able to attend the morning dedication session of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple today. I loved that Olivia was old enough to experience it too. The speakers were wonderful and I was reminded of the great many blessings that I enjoy because of the temples.

One of the speakers talked about how there are only minutes (or hours) needed to travel to arrive at one of 13 temples in Utah, but that the spiritual journey takes many years. I was grateful to be sitting next to Olivia who is in the beginning of that journey, forming her testimony of temples and learning more about the blessings that come from temple attendance. I felt so much gratitude too for my place in that spiritual journey... that I am trying harder to make my temple experiences more meaningful and I am trying to attend more often.

Another speaker--Margaret Lifferth of the Primary general presidency--spoke about obedience and mentioned that she often hears her 3 year old grandson ask his mom "Why?" when she tells him to do something. Many times his mama will take the time to explain to him why he should obey, but sometimes her answer is just a simple, "Because I'm the mom." Sister Lifferth said that she wanted her grandson to understand that it was because she loved him most of all, and she wanted only the very best for him... that his obedience would help bring him the full joy that she desired for him.

She compared that to all of us and the need to listen and hearken to the counsel of the Lord... He loves us the most of all and knows what will bring us joy.

I hope that I will keep that in mind as I strive to listen and be obedient.

I can't end this post without saying what a cry baby I am... President Monson reminded us that the closing songs were a part of the Kirtland, Ohio Temple dedication and the Salt Lake Temple dedication. I was all choked up and emotional before the first note was played. Needless to say, the warbled notes and words coming from me weren't pretty, yet heartfelt still the same.

**Do you get emotional easily?
**Do you ever say "Because I'm the mom" (or the teacher or the aunt or the grandma) to children in your life?


Cheri said...

No, I just don't let my kids ask "why" questions. Bad.
Cool about the dedication!

Kristi said...

We went to the afternoon session, and it was great, too. Many great points brought to light. I find that I do get emotional VERY easily. I feel like it has gotten worse the older I get. It doesn't take much to set me off!

Linn said...

Do I get emotional easy? Seriously, I have major issues. I cry when I am giving the RS annoucements. Okay, not really, but I think that is the next step.

Sally said...

I only cry when I'm pregnant. I do say that to my kids all the time. ("Because I said so", not "I only cry when I'm pregnant"!)