Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Day with the Dinos

A week or so ago we had a fun outing with my friend Heidi and her kids... we met at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point and all of the kids loved it.

Our kids hadn't ever met before, so both of us were a little anxious (and hopeful) that our kids would get along. They acted like they've known each other their whole lives... it was great to spend the day with them!

They loved the dino that looks like the T-Rex from Night at the Museum.

David and Coleman had a great time playing in the sand...

...and Audrey and Olivia enjoyed it too.

Liv just really likes to pose.

They all had fun on the interactive computer games... and I should have grabbed a picture of David who was enchanted with the scale that tells you what kind of dinosaur weighs the same as you (or your group).

Of course they loved the shark. Sweet David said, "He's not real, right? So he won't come back in the resurrection?" (I love that he understands such deep gospel principles!)

Yet another skeleton to pose in front of (I think they were trying to look like they were holding spears?).

...and finally the dig at the end.

We had a great day with fun friends that we can't wait to see again.

(I regret not getting a picture with Heidi this time around... we had so much fun visiting and taking photos of the kids that I forgot about posing for one with her... next time!)

By the way, Tuesdays in August are $2 days at Thanksgiving Point for any of their venues... might be worth a last summer outing before school starts!


Anonymous said...

How fun.. We are thinking of taking the nephews there today. I bet they will love it!