Monday, August 31, 2009

Coleman Goes To Kindergarten

Last week Coleman started kindergarten... he was so excited to finally be able to go to school!

Here he is with a few of his friends before going in...

...and at this point I needed him to need me more than he actually did. He was so thrilled to be there and ran right up to sit on the line with all of his other classmates. I kept waving to him and telling him to have a great day and he finally told me I could just go. Couldnt' he have clung a little longer (or at all)? Hmph.

He said he had a great first day... and his favorite part about it all? Recess.

I'll admit, I shed a tear or two, but it feels pretty good that he's adjusted well and is loving his first experience in school.

**Do you cry on the first day of school?


Nicole said...

I do cry....this year I held it together for Aurora (Seriously what is wrong with me...she is in 1st grade and did 2 years of preschool, and still I start feeling choked up dropping her off at t new class) Today is Eve's first day of preschool.....we'll see how I do! :)

Sara White said...

Cry tears of joy? or sorrow?

Sally said...

I did with Grace on her first day of Kindergarten, but haven't since. Coleman is so cute. I really liked getting to know him better when you were over.

Janene said...

I came home, flopped on the couch and cried for a minute or two. Then I decided I'd better busy myself. And that helped. So stinkin' glad it is just half day!