Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holiday Visitors

We were so excited to have some of my siblings come to visit over the Christmas holidays and in January.

Here are the pregnant sisters on Christmas day... Steph is due in July, I'm due in March, and Lindsey was due only two weeks after Christmas! She got to come home for Christmas (she lives in Arizona) and we were all hoping and praying that she didn't have her baby while she was here. Her sweet baby Jaxton didn't arrive until January 14th, so we worried needlessly. Aren't we cute though?

Here's Mike, Stephanie, Cheristy (who came to visit with her family from Georgia!), me, Lindsey, my mom, and David. There are a lot of siblings in other states, so it was a relatively small crowd this Christmas.
A few weeks later Heather got to come and visit from San Diego and Matt and his family came from Connecticut. We got to meet his cute new baby Eli and spend some time with his cute Samuel (featured at the bottom of the above picture). From left to right: Erin, Heather, me, David, and Matt.

Basically the same picture except that Heather wasn't in it yet... (it shows another belly view--some people think I should post pictures of my swollen belly, so there you have it!).

**Don't you think it's great that now that January is hours away from being over I am finally putting up some Christmas pictures?


Kristi said...

How beautiful are you?! I mean, seriously! You look so stunning in all those photos. You look so cute pregnant, too!! It's fun to see your cute belly. Looks like you had a great time with your families for Christmas!

Sally said...

You do look really great, Lisa. Not uncomfortable at all! (You may feel it, but you don't look it.)
Thanks so much for the book. I actually read most of it, and we planned some activities from it yesterday! I let Troy eat the Oreo, only because he didn't tell me what it was first, (he was at work and said "Lisa dropped by a book for you, and a treat" and he had slept maybe an hour the night before that, so I said "You eat the treat.") but then I was bitter when he described it. You spoiler of friends, you! Thanks for both of them. :)

emilyw said...

I think it's great that you are posting pictures of Christmas now. I believe mine won't be up for a lot longer...

You look so beautiful, you pregnant lady, you! I love the one with the pregnant sisters. I think your Olivia looks a lot like your sister Lindsey. :)