Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No complaining here...

...because really, I am thrilled that I am pregnant. For so many years we wanted another baby and I promised myself that I wouldn't complain about my pregnancy if we ever managed to have another baby... so let's call these "observations" or some other benign term so I don't sound like a world-class whiner. Some of these things may have occurred during my other pregnancies... and it's just been so long that I've forgotten... but perhaps it really is harder this time, after all, I am at an "advanced maternal age":

  • Leg cramping occurs frequently... at very inopportune times, like during family prayer, in the middle of the night, while I'm lounging watching TV, while I'm talking to a client at work, or any number of other activities or sedentary-ness.
  • Sciatica... can I just tell you that my cheeks get so sore that I can't seem to walk upright? I don't think I waddled during my other pregnancies, but this time, it's becoming a more frequent occurrence.
  • Sleepless nights... sometimes it's the leg cramping, sometimes it's the having to go to the bathroom or the general feeling of being uncomfortable, but usually it's just waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I am becoming less and less opposed to chemical induction of sleep (although 3 am is not the best time to take a 6-8 hour Tylenol PM or Unisom)... it presents an obvious dilemma so I usually just lay there wondering if sleep will continue to elude me for the rest of my life... then I drift off for a few precious moments of rest before the alarm goes off.
  • Frequent urination... I know, this is a given for any pregnant woman, but it seems to be several times an hour instead of every couple of hours like I remember with the other pregnancies.
  • I am thirsty ALL of the time... which doesn't help with the bathroom issue or the sloshy feeling in my tummy from nausea that's lasted way too long.
  • Zofran is a good drug... takes away nausea, but it makes me really tired... and it doesn't help to feel extra tired and not be able to sleep.
  • I recently was reminded that oxytocin is a good hormone and helps women deal with stress... I'm obviously LOW in the oxytocin department, because I've been really cranky lately... just ask anyone that lives with me. Patience is a virtue that I must develop but it seems to be in short supply lately. Last week Coleman said our morning family prayer. His words were very telling: "...and please bless mommy to not be angry at work..."
  • My belly is much larger than it was with my other pregnancies... just ask Coleman who reminds me often just how large I am. The other day he rubbed my belly and said, "Mom, your this is so much bigger than your these..." and pointed to my chest. Lovely. Another morning I was getting ready to put my dress on (so I had lots of layers of underclothing on already) and he said, "Whoa! You look so much fatter without your clothes on!" Nothing like a 6 year old's honesty to keep it real. It's come from others too... one of my co-workers said, "Wow, you look REALLY pregnant today" and a friend whom I hadn't seen for awhile said, "I can't believe how big you are already!" (just so you know it's not all in my head).
  • My face feels puffy. I don't think it looks puffy (I trust that Coleman will let me know when it does) but it feels puffy. That's worth observing.
  • With the anti-coagulant medicine I'm on they want to induce me at 39 weeks... isn't the convenience of being induced choosing the day that you have your baby? So during that week my OB/GYN is only available to induce me on March 17th... that would be St. Patrick's Day... can you blame me for feeling very grumpy about this??? I don't want my daughter's birthday to be on St. Patrick's Day. I'm considering changing doctors... for many reasons much more substantial than this one... but I must be truthful... one teeny, tiny factor just might be to get another induction date.
Despite all of these observations, when you ask me how I'm doing, I'm likely to smile and say, "things are fine" because they are. We are getting more and more excited to welcome this little girl into the world (although my to-do list is a mile long before she's allowed to come).


Cheri said...

Oh I so know you how you feel. I have a friend who would do anything (seriously) to have a baby and when I've been pregnant before I try not to "complain" to her at all. But sometimes it just happens anyway.

I think you should post a picture! ;)

Jill said...

What Advanced Age? That means that I am at an advanced age too, yuck!

I'll bet your glad that it wasn't this hard with Olivia. She might be an only child if it was! Just kidding.:)


Kristi said...

I can't believe you only have 2 months left!! Wow.

I don't blame you one bit for wanting to change the delivery date...I would, too.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with some of those "observations." It's nice to have someone who's in the same boat.

I'm so excited for you and your cute family. Can't wait to see your beauty!!

Linn said...

Ahh, pregnancy.

It is something else to experience.

And worth every second.

We think of you all the time, and are so excited for you!

Sara White said...

A St. Patrick's Day birthday would make for some fun parties! It is MUCH better than being born on Christmas (when no one cares that it's your birthday) or Thanksgiving (when no one want birthday cake, just pumpkin pie). Also, I think you are looking great! I keep forgetting that you are pregnant. Then I think to myself, "Man! She looks good and only has two months left!" So smile girl!!

Momma Fidler said...

Okay,tell us how you REALLY feel!!! That's the beauty of pregnancy...as soon as that little one is born our minds magically forget the former fun of getting through the pregnancy. My OB, whom we both know and love, (Kent) used to tell me he was going to tape record me complaining and they play it back to me at my 6 wk. post partum check up so I'd think twice before I had another one! Oh, the joys of motherhood...it's worth evry minute of it!

Rockelle said...

can you refuse the march 17th date?
Or maybe you will go into labor ahead of time...you never know...and your allowed to complain/explain/observe anytime!

Rockelle said...

can you refuse the march 17th date?
Or maybe you will go into labor ahead of time...you never know...and your allowed to complain/explain/observe anytime!

Kristy said...

I feel your pain, oh how I feel it. All these aches and pains really make me think twice about having another baby but a beautiful baby girl would definately make it worth it! Hang in there. Hey March 18 is a good date...that is Stella's birthday.

Heather said...

You are anything but big, puffy, or grouchy. You looked great. (I will post pics of me with my next one and you shall see what I mean) As for cramps, up your potassium. It really helped me and do light stretching. For sleeping, take half a Unisom and one Vitamin B6. That is what my doctor recommended to me and it worked beautifully. Good luck with it all and call me if you need anything.

Shirlene said...

Lisa---so excited about your girl. I think you're right, I think once we hold that baby, it's all worth it and we forget about the pregnancy or child-bearing part:) And I almost forgot you were pregnany when I saw you last week. You look awesome! Hang in there, she'll be here before you know it. If you need help checking some things off your list, call me. I'd love to help!:) (By the way, did you get my message and what I put under your doormat?) Talk to you soon!

emilyw said...

I understand your feelings of pregnancy. I wrote down all of my "problems" with my last pregnancy and it filled a journal page. :) It's amazing what pregnancy can do to a woman's body. It can turn your "normal" completely upside down. I think you're doing great - running a household and working too! 5 gold stars for you! Your new daughter is lucky to have you!

Janene said...

thanks for the laugh! I mean the part about comparing your "this" with your "these." too funny.

My third pregnancy did a real number on me too, for some reason. Hang in there! You can do it!

Lauren said...

I've decided you are not allowed to feel bad until one of your kids tells you, "Mom, you look like you have a baby in your tummy!" and you DON'T, nor have you had one in your belly for more than a year! :o) One thing I liked a lot about being pregnant was being able to blame everything on my condition!