Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day!

Last week Ryan and I went on a date--a real date--where we left our cute kids with my wonderful sister Erin and went somewhere all by ourselves for longer than 40 minutes.

Ryan used some of his long-time saved "play money" (that our kids think is like Monopoly Money, when it is actually our discretionary spending money that we each get in our budget) and bought tickets to see U2!!! In 2001 they came and Ryan wanted to go... Liv was a brand new baby and I wasn't going to leave her, so he went with his brother Tim. This time it was my turn to go with him (I think I waited long enough, no?)!

We sat behind the stage, but with the set-up we both thought we had great seats. They had video footage on the mammoth screen, the sound was great, and all of the band members (even Adam Clayton) came around and performed to us.

This I know:
  • I like going on dates with Ryan. 
  • U2 makes great music. 
  • Bono is a performer and an ego-maniac. (Ryan reminds me that if you earn money like he does, you are allowed to be full of yourself.... while I agree with this, it was almost comical to watch Bono perform for the camera.... I must be getting old.)
  • Even though it was the end of May, it was COLD.
  • Speaking of getting old, by 10 pm I was checking my watch (not because I was bored... just because I was tired... and worried about my kiddos).
  • We left a song or two early to beat the crowd and make the trek to our car, which I swear was parked 2 miles away. It was worth it.
We had such a great time... it was worth the 10 year wait!

Whenever I go to concerts I think about some of the others I have been to... and laugh a little with the changes in my musical interests... James Taylor, Sting, Harry Connick, Jr., Rush, and even Celine Dion and Michael Bolton (remember, Amy???).  My dream concert? Simon and Garfunkel, baby. I don't think they tour together anymore.

**What are some of your memorable concerts?
**Who would you LOVE to see in concert?


Cheri said...

we're going to u2 next week!! we weren't supposed to but our friends bought tickets (the most expensive ones...) and then moved to utah and can't come out to go to it, so we bought them. this will be spencer's first and my first concert! we are so excited.:) that stage looks incredible.

Linn said...

Sounds like SO much fun! I'm so glad you got to go. And I feel too old for concerts (not like I've out grown them, like I get too tired) :), but I have to say there are a handful of country artists I would love to see (some of them for the second time).

Kristi said...

Hahaha! My first concert was the Celine Dion/Michael Bolton concert and I went with my dad. That's too funny to hear you mention that as well. I will always remember that concert very fondly, not because of the talent, but simply because I got to go on a date with my dad! :)

Janene said...

wow! it has been a long time but I used to go to concerts a lot. Music was my hobby in high school. I would love to go see Mary Chapin Carpenter, but always when she comes to Utah it is on a Sunday. Pook!