Monday, August 1, 2011

Dad Stays Home Part Two

We started off Wednesday by forgetting Activity Days for Olivia! We were making cupcakes for Lisa to take up to camp the next day for a birthday and totally forgot. We were lucky that one of her friends called to ask her to walk. After finishing the cupcakes we did dishes... again... they really never end, do they?!

I did have a chance to teach a life lesson to Coleman today. While we were putting clothes away Coleman was helping out in the closet. He was putting shoes away and made the remark "Mom should give away some of her shoes." We talked about how there are some things you don't say to women :).

We finished up the morning by playing Settlers of Catan, a favorite of Coleman's, and he won. When Sophia woke up from her nap (which gave me a minute to write the previous blog entry) we took off for Airborne Trampoline Arena in Sandy. Earlier this week, Living Social had a deal, and it sounded like fun! They had a good time.

Sophia got to jump around in the kiddie area, and she loved it. I love her jump!

They also had a really cool foam pit with a trampoline at the bottom that the kids could jump into.

I will admit, sometimes I wanted to throttle the other kids in the kiddie area. As you can see there are six large trampolines. One of the kids (who I'm sure loved being around Sophia) would jump right next to Sophia (which would knock her down). All of the other trampolines were completely unused, yet she continued jumping next to Sophia.

They also had trampolines on the walls.

Sophia finally found a little Sesame Street coin-operated truck to sit in, and let's be honest, it was probably her favorite thing (even without the coins).

They also had an awesome dodgeball arena setup that would be a lot of fun. After an hour of jumping they were exhausted. Coleman was dripping with sweat. Both kiddos got a great workout--one hour was totally enough time.

When we got home we made Spicy Chicken Pasta for Dinner. We do substitute half and half for the heavy cream and it's still awesome.
Surprisingly, Sophia liked the spicy chicken and the red/green peppers!

We had a very full Thursday. I had a lot I wanted to get done on this last day. First we enjoyed the weekly summer movie at the Cinemark, Madagascar 2. The kids apparently have a tradition of making "trail mix" for the movie. The ingredient list changes with whatever we have in the pantry that Lisa allows them to use. That day, their trail mix consisted of marshmallows, pretzels, cereal, graham cracker pieces, and my all time favorite... croutons. That's right, nice buttery, crunchy, salty croutons. Of course I didn't see them add the croutons to their mixes, it was when I was in the dark theater eating from my prepared bag of trail mix (and sharing with Sophia) that I was treated to a nice crunchy, buttery delight.

After our movie we went to Radio Shack to pickup some materials for our next activity. Ever since I watched this TED talk about Squishy Circuits I've been excited to try this with the kids. The video is only four minutes long. Watch it.

If you didn't watch it, the basic idea is you get a battery pack and a couple of LED's (about $10 at Radio Shack), mix up two different types of play dough using two different recipes. One is conductive play dough and the other works as your insulating dough. We were able to talk about electrical circuits, and what a short is, how electricity travels, and showing the differences between a serial and parallel circuit. 

Oddly enough our insulating dough didn't turn out quite right, I didn't follow the directions very well :D. We did end up with something workable near the end though (f it's too sticky... keep adding flour).

We invited some friends up to try it out with us (their mom was also at Girls' Camp). Here they are showing our first contraption using the conductive play dough (that we colored purple) and the insulating play dough which we left white. 

Coleman was experimenting with what happens if the circuit is in a loop

And this was our final creation. I really have no idea what it was. They started wanting to make a giraffe, but merged into some stunted neck spider with an awesome looking tail.

We finished up the day with 6 holes of disc golf at the course in American Fork, 2 hours of soccer practice, and kids meals at Applebee's. We had planned on a simple Pasta-Roni meal of White Shells and Cheddar (Coleman's favorite), but he indulged us and let us use Olivia's free meal cert and our $10 off coupon. I just didn't feel like making dinner.

I had a lot of fun over those few days, and fully realize that there's no way I could keep up that pace every day of every week! I had a lot I wanted to do in those short 2 1/2 days and kiddos that pitched in when necessary to get things done made it so that we could have some good play time. I really couldn't have had it any better. At least I have another year to plan for next Girls' Camp :).

**What's the funniest thing you've had in "trail mix"?
**Want to play with some play dough?
**Are you going to try Spicy Chicken Pasta?