Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Twelve Years!

 Yesterday we celebrated being married for twelve years!

We spent a lovely evening at the Salt Lake Temple doing sealings and then ate some yummy dinner together.

A few weeks ago Olivia summed it all up for us. She looked at us both and said, "Mom, I'm so glad Dad married you!"

I was feeling pretty good that she recognized what a blessing I was to Ryan... and I started to agree when she spoke again after a brief pause....

"If he hadn't you would be sad and weeping somewhere because you'd be all alone."

Thanks, Ry, for preventing me from being sad and weepy all by myself. I love being married to you! We make a great team.


Shirlene said...

Congrats! You guys are a pretty good team. What a perfect way to spend your anniversary, at the temple. We've never done that before. We'll have to remember to do that next time to celebrate ours. Still need to do a b-day lunch.....and I still need to call you.:)

Linn said...

That is hilarious! Happy Anniversary you two!

Katie M. said...

Really? It's been 12 years ?? Sheesh. Where's time gone??

I love Olivia's comment. Kids always put things in perspective!:)

CONGRATS ON a wonderful and fun 12 years of marriage. 12 onto 20!

Ria said...

Congrats Lisa! Kids are funny. Maybe next year she will tell Ryan how lucky he is.

Kristi said...

Congratulations! What a fun wedding picture. You guys do make a great team and have such a wonderful family! Glad you got to celebrate!