Friday, August 12, 2011

Zippin' Through Zion

We spent one of our days in Zion National Park and had  a great time. My mom and Mike gave us cool Zion's t-shirts for Christmas last year, so our family sported them for the day.

You aren't allowed to drive into the park very far any more, but they have a handy shuttle bus that takes you anywhere you need to go... and luckily wasn't that crowded. Lindsey and her boys got there the same time we did, so we got to spend the morning with them.

We hiked to the Emerald Pools and had a great time! Sophia did NOT want to keep her hat on her head (but she DID want to keep her finger in her nose). Ryan had Soph in the pack for our hikes and she did pretty well. I was trying to help Lindsey with her boys a little bit... they were great, but were wanting to hop and run ahead, so I was trying to keep track of Jonah (four years old) since Lindsey was with Jaxton.  Lindsey overheard a woman telling her hiking companions what a horrible parent I was for bringing such a young boy on a trail like this.  She said something to the effect of "Now that's just bad parenting right there!" Lovely. If I had seen her again I would have given her a list of all the ways that I am a bad parent, but certainly hiking on a fairly easy trail with plenty of water and sunscreen isn't one of them.

We finally found a way to keep Sophia's hat on her head... she just needed to fall asleep!

After the Emerald Pools hike we met up with the rest of the group near the lodge for a picnic lunch.

Sophia stayed asleep for a few minutes like this!

After she woke up from her nap, Soph was in a funny, funny mood.

She kept picking the grass and throwing it on Grandpa.  Ryan got the cutest video of her (notice, no hat!):

After our lunch and a little break we loaded onto the shuttle bus again and hiked to Weeping Rock. It is such a short hike with a fun ending... the kids loved the dripping water and the cool shadow of the overhang.

We loved being at Zion with our family!


Benjamin Gerritsen said...

Must be something about Zions Park and raunchy people! Ben & I went to Zions in June and we went to the IMAX movie. We had the boys with us, including one-year-old Isaac. It was hard for him in the movie but what is a parent to do but take them. I tried to stay in there but I had to go out a couple of times. As I exited, some lady said to me that I basically ruined her experience in there by bringing Isaac in there.