Sunday, October 30, 2011

Concerto in G Major

Olivia has an amazing piano teacher who pushes her (almost as hard as Ryan does) to improve and conquer challenging songs. This time, it was "Concerto in G Major" by Robert Vandall for a festival competition. She has been practicing for almost three months, and truthfully has shed more than a few tears over this piece. It was complicated and fast and 13 pages long.  The festival was held yesterday, and Liv rocked it.

Olivia played it so well, without a mistake. It was incredible to see her play! The judges thought it was perfect, too, and awarded her 40 out of 40 points! Her teacher said that it is not all that common to get a perfect score, but she earned it. It was my turn to shed a couple of tears when we realized she had gotten a perfect score. Definitely a proud mama moment!

Liv was happy that Grandma Stover came to hear her...

...and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Gee Gee were there too. They have been such strong supporters of our kids' piano endeavors!
Ryan definitely deserves to bask in this glory.  Liv's skills have long since surpassed mine when it comes to playing the piano, so it is Ryan that gets to be by her side working out the kinks and perfecting her song, section by section.

Coleman and I were happy to be a part of it too, she did great. Watch for yourself:


Kristi said...

She looks like a pro sitting at that piano. Way to go Olivia!! She has some amazing talent!!

Linn said...

This is incredible! Wow, Olivia, you have put in the time it takes to became an amazing pianist!

Janene said...

I watched the video and WOW! I love seeing her just becoming a part of that instrument, (or it becoming a part of her?) Just great! I wonder if Zach will pass me up, he sure is enjoying lessons.