Monday, October 3, 2011

Tips on Organization

There are so many great organization blogs/websites out there, so this might be redundant information for some of you, but last week I went to a great Relief Society class about organization. These are some of the thoughts I came home with... they are brief, so if you want more of an explanation on something, just ask in the comments.
  • Being organized isn't about how an environment LOOKS but how it FUNCTIONS.
  • Calendar! Get it out of your brain and onto paper (or planner, iPhone, etc.)
  • HOMES (find one for everything) - SIMPLIFY - ROUTINES - FINISH
  • Ask yourself: What is the best use of my time RIGHT NOW?
  • Routines - Commitments - Chores - Projects
  • Bedtime Routine: "Neat Your House" Put everything in its home (FINISH), Prepare tonight to make tomorrow easier.
  • FINISH--part of going to church is putting bags, books, clothes, shoes, etc. away, part of dinner is doing the dishes.
  • Clutter/Paper 1. Incoming--Stop it at the door, deal with it only once, sort and conquer. 2.Rotating--file system (HOMES for everything) Binders/file folders--move from piles to files. 3. Outgoing--Recycling, donations (DI), returns (Great to store these in the car)
  • KITCHEN--Clear off countertops (is it a friend or freeloader? tool or trinket?). Clean out cupboards--open doors and drawers, take it all out and only put half back. Condense--"point of first use" ABC management (put things you use daily in your A space, the least frequently in your C space, etc.)
  • CLOSETS--Determine how much of everything is enough and get rid of everything else (ie 22 ties--one for each work day of the month). Use the rule--if one comes in, one must go out.
  • STEWARDSHIP--Depart with STUFF to bless the life of someone else... Less is more because more is a chore.
  • RETIREMENT--best things to do... own your own home, have food storage, no debt.
  • Children do what you INSPECT, not what you EXPECT
  • Be EARLY--run ahead of the game.
  • GARAGE--build a wall to put your stuff behind (genius--if only my garage was big enough!)
  • Simplify your children's lives so they don't have to deal with so much stuff.
**What is your favorite organizational tip?


Janene said...

I need these reminders today ... I've actually loved the "putting the house to bed" tip I had heard from a friend. It makes a big difference! Sometimes I set the timer and see what I can get done in 15 minutes. When the kids are in bed and I can fully focus, a lot can be accomplished this way!

Also, you probably know this from goodreads, but one of my favorite books for staying on top of things is called "Clutter Control." Changed me for the better! Sometimes I check it out again to refresh my memory. I feel like staying on top of these things is a lifelong battle, but changing attitudes is the key to making it easier.

Amy said...

love these favorites there are find a home for everything, and put your house to bed.:) thanks for sharing!