Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sophia's Sweet Shoppe

This sweet girl turned two! We had a party full of sweets to celebrate.

The invitations looked like cute pieces of candy (and cost a fortune to mail, just fyi :)).

Inside each package are 5 circles with a cute poem that included all of the info for the party.

Our little sweet shop with lots of varieties of purple and pink candies, cookies, and sweets.

Here are a few close-ups of the goods... I loved this picture Ryan got of her "sneaking" just one more candy. All of the guests left with a baggy of sweets. Yum!

We had lots of fun guests, although our numbers are dwindling with several family members moving away. We were happy to have Laura and her cuties, Ryan's grandparents (and their cute dog Dusty), my mom and Mike, Mike's mom Dorothy and his sister Becky, my sister Erin and her boys, and my sister Steph and her girls (not pictured). We were also excited to have Sophia's "Other Mother" Raylyn come... she is my sweet, cute friend that Sophia adores. She calls her "mommy" and runs to her for comfort and loves whenever she is around. It might make me feel bad if I didn't love Raylyn so much myself :).

We opened presents (I love the look of delight on her face in the bottom right corner) and she exclaimed, "Oh, wow!" several times which hilarious. We ate fancy cupcakes and raspberry sherbet and sugar cookies. Olivia and Coleman had decorated the driveway with chalk drawings of sweets and candy.  We gave the kids a few little favors (sidewalk chalk and mini play dough containers) that were wrapped to look like candy. We had lots of decorations that I saved from our YW activity last month, so the house looked very festive and full of sweet things. Most of all, we loved being with so many people that love Soph!

On Sophia's actual birthday we opened a few more presents... and I loved that she didn't care very much about her new toy or clothes or movie, but she was thrilled to pop those packing bubbles.

She is such a joy in our family! She is saying so many words and communicating in other ways. She has so much love for Olivia and Coleman and isn't shy about showing it. She loves to give hugs and kisses and belly bounces. She is learning to say prayers (and especially likes to be thankful for this "DAY"). She loves to twirl around and dance and run and she gets so excited for any chance to go outside. We love this girl!


Rockelle said...

what a great idea..It turned out so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Seriously the cutest party ever!!! I just may copy you in the future!! : )

katie m said...

Um, if I ever have a girl, you are hired to throw her birthday parties until age 10. At least.

She's grown up so much. What a cutie! So glad she's in your family!


Haven Rock said...

Very adorable! I love little girls and their excitement for most everything.
Lisa, you look great! :)

A said...

she's so adorable. And popping the packing bubbles first, haha so cute.