Monday, May 14, 2012

Arise and Shine Forth

Several months ago Ryan was called to meet with a member of the Stake Presidency and he was surprised at the invitation he received. The Young Women from our stake were invited (with two other stakes) to be a part of the choir that would sing during the Young Women's General Broadcast. He was asked to be the videographer for their rehearsals. The choir director needed someone who could record and play back immediately so that the girls could learn and improve. Ryan was able to borrow a great camera from his coworker and he did a wonderful job helping the choir prepare. It turned out to be an amazing experience for Ryan and for our Young Women and their leaders. It's hard to even describe the many ways that we were blessed along the journey. Being a part of the choir was life-changing for so many. The choir director had an  amazing ability to teach life lessons while she helped the girls learn their music. She brought in guests and had choir members relate their own personal experiences of growth and testimony. Leaders, parents, and others were invited to attend the rehearsals and seats became harder and harder to get. Everyone wanted to be there, because being there meant you got to feel the Spirit in a strong, uplifting way.

After several weeks of rehearsing and preparing, the day finally came for the broadcast... March 24th. Even though Liv still has a ways to go before she is 12, she and I went to the broadcast together. I can't wait until this cute girl turns 12! (Maybe I should let her be 11 first?) The meeting was excellent, particularly the talk by Sister Dalton (read or watch here).

Ryan was invited to attend the broadcast and the general Young Women's leaders gave him a beautiful gold tie (for the value of Virtue) to say thank you. He got to sit in the media room... where he got to schmooze with our Stake Presidency and snack on refreshments during the meeting! We met up with him after and had to take this cute photo.... It was probably the only time she will get to attend the YW meeting with her daddy!

See the wonderful video "Arise to the Mountain" that features our Young Women's choir singing at the end:


I am so grateful that I got to have a small role in this by supporting our young women and Ryan in this endeavor!