Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I was sufficiently spoiled rotten on Mother's Day! My cute family made me a yummy breakfast (Kneader's French Toast with a fruit smoothie) and showered me with gifts.

Ryan worked for hours to get our blog posts from 2008 ready to print! Hooray!  The kids prepared wonderful gifts at school and they were all good to me and each other all day long. 

Olivia helped Sophia make a lovely message out of blocks...

...and Sophia's nursery leaders captured her handprints for this sweet picture.                                         They also avoided getting paint on her dress, which I greatly appreciated :).

Coleman made an awesome card that was all about me... "My mom's name is Lisa. My mom likes to do crafts. My mom's favorite flower is a forget-me-not. My mom has taught me times tables. Mom's favorite food... girl scout cookies. My mom helps me do homework. I love my mom because she lets me do what I want. My favorite thing to do: Anything with my mom. My favorite memory: when my mom plays jokes." He also illustrated and wrote his very own book about me.

"What I know about my mother: My mother is very thoughtful. She is about 60 inches tall. She weighs about 90 pounds. She has green eyes. She has brown hair. The food she likes best is girl scout cookies. Her favorite color is green. My mom's favorite food is girl scout cookies but she doesn't like fish. The thing my mom likes to do for fun is go to disneyland. Mom helps our family by doing chores... to do list: laundry, dishes, put clothes away, bake dinner, sisters diaper. She spends most of her time having fun with the family. When my mom daydreams she thinks about Hawaii. If Mom could have one wish come true, she would wish for going to Hawaii. What I like most about my mom is she gives me presents."

Coleman knows me well!

Olivia wrote a letter nominating me to be "Mother of the Year" and gave me a lovely certificate. Her letter said:

"Dear committee members,

"Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a warlock. This warlock was a noble warlock. He loved a queen so very much that he cast a spell on her. This spell made her the Queen of Everything. My mom is the Queen of Everything. In this letter I will tell you why my mom will be the next Mother of the Year.

"My mom is the best because she is helpful. If I need help with my homework she will help me and work with me. If she sees that someone needs help, she will help them. I tried making a treat and needed some help. I asked my mom if she would help and of course, it was a yes!

"Another reason my mom will be nominated Mother of the Year is that she is truly, a very good cook. She has the Best Bites cookbook and is always trying new recipes. One of my favorites is called Cheeseburger Soup. My mom cooks everything perfectly. If you tasted her food, you would immediately fall in love with it.

"One last reason that my mother will be the next mother of the year is she is very loving. Recently my mom became the new Relief Society president. There was a tragedy the day after she got called. She has loved that family so much. Amazingly she got through the week. My mom loves me every day so much. I can tell, she sacrifices a lot for me. Only every once in awhile you can catch her being the Dragon Queen.

"As you can see, my mother would be the perfect mother of the year. She is helpful in all ways. If you tasted her food, you would know one of my other reasons, a very good cook. Finally, if you met her, you would know immediately she is loving, very loving. Now, any day now I should be getting a certificate that says "Mother of the Year" on it. I love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!


Olivia Harper"

After that letter, I would vote for myself for Mother of the Year (I think she might be a little biased... but right on with the dragon queen part :) ).

We spent the evening at my mom's house and Sophia LOVED playing with the snowball flowers.

She loved having Coleman shower the petals on her head....

...that smile is so cute!

These three kiddos are the reason that my job is the best job in the world!

Additionally, I am so grateful for my mom and Ryan's mom and our grandmas and all of the wonderful women in my life who help me to be a better person.


emilyw said...

I just spent a few minutes getting caught up on your family's fun adventures! I love that we know you guys! You are an amazing person and I know you'll be a great example in the RS Presidency. :) I wish we lived closer so we could be near the Harper family. We love you guys and hope things keep going wonderfully!

Janene said...

You deserve it. What fun letters (treasures!) from yourkids. Boy, 90 lbs, too bad my kids know exactly how much I weigh. :o)

Kristi said...

What sweet, treasured gifts you got! You certainly deserved to be spoiled as you are one incredible mom.

Our neighbors have those snowball flowers, too, and my girls LOVE them! I find them ALL over the yard.

I love that picture of you and all your cute kids. They are all getting so big...and yet, you look like you haven't changed a bit. How does that work?

Ria said...

They even made me cry! What great kids and hubbie you have.