Monday, May 14, 2012

Heather came to visit!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my sisters? My sister Heather came to visit at the end of March! She lives in sunny San Diego, and while I feel jealous of that, I mostly just miss her when we aren't together. She was even here on her birthday, so we had to celebrate!

Sophia and I met Erin at the Trax station. Soph was so excited to actually be on a "choo-choo" and she let everyone around her know it.

She loved sitting in her own seat and kept saying "bumpy!" This girl brings a smile to my face. Her cute ruffle skirt was made by my talented sister-in-law Kristen for Sophia's birthday. You want one, don't you?

We met Megan, Heather, Brady, and my mom at the new City Creek shopping center. It was beautiful!

Sophia loved the fountains and she loved being with everyone. I did too!

I think I mentioned that it was beautiful... it was also cold... very, very cold. We tried to keep my scarf wrapped around Sophia's head to keep her warm. City Creek had only been open for a week, so it was still really busy, so we had to sit outside. In the cold. But it was okay, because food from Kneaders is yummy and it was worth it.

Later that night we had a fancy dinner at our house to celebrate. Isn't the birthday girl beautiful?

Sophia loves her aunt Heather! She calls her "Helly" and she loves to be with her.

We were glad Meg could come too!

Self-portrait queens Heather and Liv

I did something I say I don't believe in... but I have done a couple of times and checked the kids out of school early so we could go up to the cabin with Heather and my mom... we always go on the same little hike to the top of a hill that overlooks Heber Valley. My mom is so full of energy... it took both of us to keep up with Sophia who wanted to run up the mountain.

I love this picture of my cute kids... even though they don't always get along, they really do love each other.

Another great picture of my mom with Coleman.

We are so grateful for the time we get to spend with our family members! It was great to have Heather in town!


Kristi said...

Seeing this post gets me excited for when my girls grow up. I hope they all stay close to each other as you have to your sisters. What a neat family you have!