Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plum Island, New York

Bright and early on our first day in Connecticut we woke up and got to go to Family Day where Bruce works for the Department of Homeland Security on Plum Island, New York. The day started out a little bit cloudy, and on the ferry ride over we hoped for good weather since they had a beach party BBQ planned for the day. We had a few drops of rain on the boat... and after our bus ride to the beach there was a torrential down pour. The kids still loved going on the slippery slide (and Bruce even raced a co-worker... I'm pretty sure Bruce won!) and we laughed at all of the water that was coming down. The people there were so kind and did everything they could to make it pleasant despite all the rain. They finally invited us all inside to eat our hamburgers. I would estimate that between the three kids there were at least 17 bags of Cheetos consumed. Even though the beach party got rained out it was fun to see where Bruce works. His coworkers love him and it is obvious that he does a good job there!

After our dry ferry ride home (we rode inside on the way back :)) we all crashed for several hours for a glorious afternoon nap.


Linn said...

I LOVE the picture of you at the top in the middle. Beautiful!!

Lisa R.D. said...

Thanks, Linn! I actually like it too... and Ryan keeps telling me what a great photo it is... likely because HE took it :).