Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rhode Island

 One of the things I love most about the East Coast is that so many states are so close together... we spent a lovely day in Rhode Island. Ryan's parents had four adult bikes and a trailer and (after some trouble finding a place that had bikes available) rented two smaller bikes for Olivia and Coleman.

The trail was awesome... it was paved and very well marked for pedestrians and bicyclists. The scenery along the trail was beautiful. We saw wildlife and lush greenery. We stopped at a fun park for lunch where Olivia biffed it (hence the "Capri Sun ice pack" on her wrist) but the day was otherwise perfect. We had a couple of drops of rain just as we were returning to our cars. We rode just over 13 miles! Our bums felt it. Olivia and Coleman did great though... and if their old, out of shape parents hadn't been a hindrance I am sure they could have ridden for many more miles with their young grandparents.

The rain really started to come down as we drove to Little Compton, RI which is the place that some of Terri's Wilbur ancestors were original settlers. They even have a Wilbur General Store there! It was neat to take a rainy walk through the old cemetery and see so many headstones with the name Wilbur (with varied spellings as the immigrants assimilated into US life). Our kids enjoyed being where their ancestors had been and it sparked a renewed interest in indexing and family history work. We ate dinner at a little local restaurant next to the Wilbur General Store (Commons Lunch) where we had some good comfort food... mac and cheese for Coleman and Sophia... chicken pot pie for Liv, Bruce, and me.. .and Ryan and Terri were brave and tried some sea bass with a sauce made from some type of funky seafood sauce. They liked it!

We arrived back in Connecticut dry enough and hungry enough to stop at our favorite treat spot... Rita's. They serve Italian ice in so many flavors with custard. We heart Rita's!