Saturday, October 6, 2012

Traveling to Connecticut

We were so excited to travel to Connecticut at the end of July to visit Ryan's parents. Ryan got to be Sophia's travel buddy... for some reason she behaves a little better with him (much to Olivia's and Coleman's  dismay... they wanted to sit by him too.... I agree, he is fun to sit with!). They all did great. Sophia watched her favorite "Rella" (Disney's Cinderella) over and over again. Olivia was more nervous about the take offs than she wanted to say and Coleman thought flying was really cool. We had a stop in Chicago and tried some official Chicago pizza... I don't think airport food can ever count as anything official. We changed Sophia into her PJs for the last leg of our trip and finally landed in Hartford late, late. Ryan's parents were so kind to come and get us in the middle of the night... and with both of their cars so we could fit all of our bodies and stuff. We were so happy to arrive! Terri and Bruce were wonderful hosts and we got to see and do so much while we were there.