Tuesday, February 26, 2008

123 Book Tag

I got tagged by a blogging friend Tricia at Library Queue on a fun book challenge. Here's how it works:

Here are the rules:

  • Find the book closest to you with at least 123 pages.
  • Turn to page 123.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the next 3 sentences.
  • Tag 5 people.
I debated between using Milk Glass Moon (an easy, fun read) and The Audacity of Hope which I am ready to start... here's guessing that Barack Obama is more profound than Adriana Trigiani, so here are the words of wisdom from Senator Obama:

"It's hard to tell, of course, whether Ms. Noonan seriously thought I was comparing myself to Lincoln, or whether she just took pleasure in filleting me so elegantly. As potshots from the press go, it was very mild--and not entirely undeserved.

"Still, I was reminded of what my veteran colleagues already knew--that every statement I made would be subject to scrutiny, dissected by every manner of pundit, interpreted in ways over which I had no control, and combed through for a potential error, misstatement, omission, or contradiction that might be filed away by the opposition party and appear in an unpleasant TV ad somewhere down the road."

On to the tagging--I'd love to see what Lula Mae, Kristen, Cheri, Janene, and Sara are reading. Anyone else who wants to join in the fun is welcome to play!


Tricia said...

That's a book I want to read. Thanks for playing!

Janene said...

Pride and Prejudice

"From the drawing-room they could distinguish nothing in the lane, and were indebted to Mr. Collins for the knowledge of what carriages went along, and how often especially Miss de Bourgh drove by in her phaeton, which he never failed coming to inform them of, though it happened almost every day. She not unfrequently stopped at the Parsonage, and had a few minutes' conversation with Charlotte, but was scarcely ever prevailed on to get out.

Very few days passed in which Mr. Collins did not walk to Rosings, and not many in which his wife did not think it necessary to go likewise; and till Elizabeth recollected that there might be other family livings to be disposed of, she could not understand the sacrifice of so many hours."

I didn't realize until now how long the sentences are in this book! :o)

julie said...

I loved this challenge. The book I chose had a weird message, but I will do it again until I find one I like! IS that breaking the rules...?

Anyway, thanks for your comment. I am glad you left one. It is always so fun to meet new people and get a glimpse of their life and stories.

Blogging has been great for me. I have learned so much about myself and my family, and also from all of you fellow bloggers who leave me comments. It's great!

Hope to hear from you again. :)