Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Heart Valentine's Day

I'm such a sucker for cheap holiday shirts from Old Navy. We usually wear them on the day of celebration and then to sleep in for the rest of the year. I especially loved this pirate shirt for Cole--the pirates eye is a heart and the ends of the cross-bones are hearts too... they usually don't have any boyish Valentine's shirts, but this one is right up his alley.
This cute baby girl is Eliza--I get to watch her once a week while her mama is in class. She is so fun to have around the house! Her auntie Carrie Beth (who lives in SoCal) bought her this cute shirt and she called me today while Eliza was here to make sure she was wearing it :).
The kids wanted a "silly face" picture when we took pictures for our Valentine card for their grandparents. Isn't the wood heart cute? It was a fun gift from my sister-in-law for Christmas.
I used to hate Valentine's Day (I think I went through some very bitter years)--but now that I have my very own sweetheart who makes Valentine's Day special I love it. He worked so hard on my gift... and made today such a good one.
Ryan made me a whole stack of "gifts" including a gift of music (with a great mix CD of cool acoustic love songs--if you think mix CDs are cheesy, you are right, but I love them!), coupons for free nights where he takes care of things around the house, dates, flowers, a Roberts gift card, a Dippidee (best cookie shop ever) gift card, and several Cafe Rio gift cards. From the gifts, you can tell how well my Ryan knows me and knows what I like. In addition to all of that, he sent me cheesy text messages throughout the day that made me laugh (for example: "If you were a McDonald's hamburger, you'd be a McGorgeous") and he wrote me the nicest letter and decorated everything with pictures from our wedding. He wins the prize in my book for "Best Valentine Ever". Did I mention that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world?
This is Coleman this morning with his Valentine treats. He opened his shirt and said "Oh, cool, it's a pirate!" We made raspberry muffins (love the mixes from Lehi Roller Mills!) in our heart shaped tins, but he didn't want to eat any because you know, he didn't like the red things in them, so he had cereal instead. After preschool today he came to Olivia's class party with me and joined in the fun with all of her class mates. This afternoon several people dropped valentines off for him (his cute Primary teacher and some other little friends). He said to me, "Mom, people really must like me, huh? 'Cuz they keep giving me stuff!" It's good to be loved. I'm glad I'm his mom!
Here's my sweet Liv. She and I got coordinating t-shirts and we had a great time at her 1st grade Valentine's Party. I got to meet her "Valentine" who she tells me is in love with her, and a little secret, she says she's in love with him too. His mom helped at the party also, so I told her we just might be seeing a bit more of each other. Olivia goes out of her way to show everyone around her how much she loves them and today was no different. I'm lucky to be the mama of such a sweet, kind girl.

**What did you do to celebrate Valentine's Day?

**Do you love milk or dark chocolate Dove hearts better?

**Did you get any fun surprises for Valentine's Day?

**What fun things did you do for the ones you love?


LAURA & ELIZA said...

Oh how cute is this blog post! You have such a cute family! And who is that cute baby? Oh yeah! She's MINE! Thank you for posting her picture on your blog and loving my sweet little girl! Love you! Happy V-Day! Oh! And, those muffins were so YUM!

JenGerr said...

You are a lucky girl! Your hubby is the sweetest! Maybe one day Ben will clue into Valentines like that!

Janene said...

what sweetness from your valentine!

My only surprise was this. I bought two pies, a lemon meringue to take the Peter's work (his favorite), and a coconut cream to give pieces to those I visit teach. I accidentally left him the coconut cream (he hates coconut) and so he shared his pie with everyone. They all got a laugh that I ended up bringing him a pie that he wouldn't touch.

To celebrate, I wore red and my heart earrings from a past mother's day from my boys. Even without a sweetheart, I'd do stuff like that to celebrate, paint my nails or something. It seemed to make the day bearable. :o)

The Myers Family said...

Glad you had a great Valentine's Day and that having such a cute husband turned around your attitude about the holiday! We had a good day, too. I love cheap shirts from Target so we had a few of those make an appearance at our house. I still need a chocolate fix, so maybe this weekend I'll get me some dark chocolates from See's! Dove is good too...XOXOX Heidi
PS I love your blog, Lisa!

Traci said...

Ryan, when did you get so romantic?? Have you always been this good and now we just get to read abuot it? I'm super impressed and glad he's taking good care of his wonderful wifey. He's giving all the guys a lot to live up to. :) Good job! This year we basically did nothing for Valentines, but we had a somewhat good reason. Next year we'll shoot for more impressive and fun surprises.

Sally said...

Lisa, I love milk chocolate Doves. Mom prefers dark ones. Go figure. She hands hers out on the back row of RS every Sunday. I wish I was in her ward. Troy was stuck in A.F. all night on V Day, due to the terrible storm. He got home around 3 am, he reports. I can neither confirm nor deny, since I was asleep. That part really stunk. On the plus side, the girls' school was cancelled, so I didn't have to do the classroom party! God works in mysterious ways. I got a V. Secret gift card so I could get some new bras since Jack just weaned. I can buy some that no babies will touch. :) In theory I got Troy an indoor volleyball, since for our wedding I got him an outdoor one, but I haven't ordered it yet! We are notoriously terrible at V Day. We never have any money at this time of year, and it just doesn't ever seem to all come together well. But points to Ryan, holy cow! I feel like I don't know that boy at all....

HarperHappenings said...

Wow!! What a fun day for your cute family! Ryan is setting the bar really high for all men! Though I have to say...Scott does pretty well. I got an early V-Day gift of Romance perfume. Yum!! I have to say...I'm milk chocolate all the way (guess it's the extra fat from the cream that I like!)

Happy V-Day!!!

gurrbonzo said...

You ARE mcgorgeous! What a fun day. And, milk chocolate is 800 times better.

lAuRa said...

I like the shirts, I've always been a sucker for their holiday shirts too! and I would have to also say that milk chocolate is the best-so creamy and smooth and more exciting to the taste buds. =)

Mollie said...

Fun Valentines Day! It was so fun to see that cute picture of my precious niece. I am a BIG fan of Eliza!