Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Leprechauns Strike Again

St. Patrick's Day brings leprechauns to our house... the kids wanted to lure them with drawings of rainbows and pots of gold and four leaf clovers. They made sure to wear green jams so they wouldn't get pinched during the night. (Too bad for Coleman he fell into the toilet just before bed... we had to scrounge up some mis-matching pajamas, but at least we got the green on.)

They woke up to find that the leprechauns had turned their toilet water green and the milk in the fridge (copycats from last year!) and had spread the kitchen table with M&M goodness, plastic "Kiss Me I'm Irish" necklaces, some green shirts... and an iTunes gift card for Ry (those leprechauns are smart and know what we like!). The kids had even been kissed by the leprechauns and had a green mark on their noses.

We had toast made with green bread (I must have had extra time on my hands being home with sick kids) for breakfast...
...and green hot chocolate (Stephen's French Vanilla... it was tasty!).
Liv's green dot had mostly come off, but Coleman's is there is full force.

For dinner we had beef stroganoff (I can't bring myself to make or serve beef brisket or corned beef and cabbage) and we dyed the noodles green (did I mention I had some extra time on my hands at home today?).

And finally we made some green Snickerdoodles to finish off the day. Green cookies with green milk is a great way to end a holiday, if you ask me.

We love Snickerdoodles... especially my Grandma's recipe.

Here it is if you feel inclined to make them:

Grandma W.'s Snickerdoodles

1 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cream of tartar
2 3/4 cups flour

Preheat oven to 400 F. Cream together shortening, sugar, and eggs. Mix in dry ingredients. Dough should be dry and stiff. Roll dough into 1" balls (or use a cookie scoop) and roll in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes. Enjoy!

**Did you have any leprechaun visitors at your house this year?


Kristy said...

Oh yes, Stella and Miles have been searching for them all day! They were turning everthing green and leaving treats and prizes for the kiddos! We even had one ring the doorbell and leave treats. Too fun.

Linn said...

They did visit us, but we need to ask for the ones that visit you to come to our house next year. Much more exciting for sure! I'll be stealing those ideas, if you don't mind.

Jill said...

I love it! My kids need to come live at your house.

Bobette said...

Fun! We have leprechauns visit our house too and bring lots of green prizes but Aidan told me yesterday morning "mom, I know it was you!" I played dumb which is not hard for me to do! I'm excited to try the snickerdoodle recipe! I LOVE those!

KM said...

Oh my you really got into it! I'm very impressed. We are so boring on St Patty's day, but I also think it's much more festive and fun once you have kids around who can humor it:).

I love the green snickerdoodle idea and that' s a fabulous recipe:)

Janene said...

All we did was Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast (Zach's idea). I love how you make holidays so fun for your family!

Anonymous said...

Lisa you are such a good mom. That is awesome you did all that fun stuff for your kids. We had green coolaid and cornbeef and cabbage, but the kids weren't so excited about it. We did all like your cookies.. YUMMMMM Thanks for the recepie.

Kristina and Tyson said...

So fun Lisa! I hope I can be as cute to my kids and make the holidays so festive! What memories you are making for them! I might steel some ideas from you...is that ok?!

Sara White said...

We made your Grandma's cookies today for FHE. We sure are looking forward to enjoying them. Thanks for the recipe!