Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are you LOST?

We didn't watch the first season of "LOST" on ABC when it first aired... but I'm pretty sure we watched all of season one within 72 hours once we started it... and we've been hooked since. Each episode leaves us with more and more questions, but they have promised to answer them all this season since it's the last.

Our friends invited us over to watch this season's premiere with them which we were so excited to do. Ryan and Dan got into it and plotted a whole menu of LOST-related foods... labels from the Dharma Initiative and all.

Ryan even shared the LOST joy with his coworkers and gave them some Dharma Initiative cans of soda...

...and he sent around a quiz to the people in his office and gave Dharma Initiative chocolate bars as prizes.

For our gathering we had some cake mixes to share, candy bars, water bottles, and Hurley's ranch to go with vegetables from Sun's garden.

Dan hand cut LOST symbols out of dough--there was the four-toed foot, several fish, LAX, 815, the SWAN symbol, the Hydra, etc. Quite impressive!

For our main course we had boar kabobs, hunted fresh out of the island jungle, the above mentioned biscuits (Sawyer's favorite: Dharma polar bear cage fish biscuits), Hurley's chug-worthy ranch dressing with island veggies, and finally for dessert we had Locke's "best mango ever" smoothie (although we didn't get a photo of this).

Thanks, Calls, for a great night!

So, what does this all tell you? Yes, it tells you that we are all big dorks, but it was fun and yummy :).

**Do you watch LOST?
**Did you end up with more questions than answers after watching the premiere?


Rockelle said...

What a fun night you must have had...Yes we LOVE LOSt...yes I am more confused then ever. I am excited to see how it all turns out!

Sara White said...

That looks like fun! Perhaps I will be stealing some of your ideas for the series finale! LOVE LOST!

Nicole said...

WE are huge Lost fans! In fact it was looking like I would have to work during the premier and I cried! LOL I know, I am pathetic....but I have been waiting 9 months for this!

gurrbonzo said...


you guys are awesome.

Jenny said...

I guess we need to watch LOST. I have heard great things about it...Hope you're feeling well these days! I'm so happy for you guys! Can't wait to meet the new addition! Love you!

Fame said...

ok- i'm a lost watcher but wow! that's a lot of work for a tv show! lol good times.