Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Sunshine

I have spring fever.

A couple of weeks ago I told Ryan I wanted to go somewhere warm.

While dreamy locations would have included Hawaii, Mexico, Southern California, or anywhere else with an ocean, those places were all out of our reach for various reasons... but I still wanted to go somewhere warm.

I didn't even care if it was MUCH warmer than here, just that it was warmer.

We lucked out and Ryan's parents helped us get a condo in St. George for a couple of days (despite it being Valentine's Day, Presidents Day weekend, the Home Show, and about 43 Girls Soccer tournaments).

It was clear and sunny and 65!!!! We relaxed and ate good food and I was thrilled.

The kids thought it was warm enough to go in the outdoor (heated) swimming pool.

I was content to sit in the beach chair and watch them, soaking in the rays (with several towels piled on top of me to keep me warm). I'm pretty sure that if I looked hard enough I had a tan line on my upper half, but it disappeared within hours :(.

We went to Pirate Island for dinner one night (pretty fun atmosphere, over-priced and under-tasty food and service, but the kids loved it).

Ryan secretly wants to be a pirate, I know it.

Look at those blue skies and darling kiddos on Valentine's Day (in front of the St. George Temple).

They have a cute dad, too.

I ended up in the shadows, but I was there too.

One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to see my Grandma and Grandpa Cole who have been there for several weeks. We had lunch together... and the cute baby in Olivia's lap? That's my newest nephew, Jaxton, who belongs to Lindsey and Chad and lives in Arizona but was also in St. George for the weekend.

Grandpa, Lisa, Jaxton, Linds, and Grandma...

The kids had a great time playing with Jaxton's brother Jonah. He didn't want his picture taken too often, so we were glad to get this one.

...and this was just too funny not to post... not to worry, Jonah jumped right up, brushed himself off, and went back for more.

Coleman was so excited to zip off the bottom of his pants to make shorts... and he was a little bit obsessed with palm trees (let's admit it, I was too).

We loved being with Chad and Lindsey and their cute boys!

We also fit in a quick trip to the outlet stores (have I ever mentioned how I LOVE outlet stores?), a maternity photo shoot (will post photos later), had lots of fun family time in the condo playing games, finished the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and watched the movie projected onto the wall (the truth: Ryan and I slept through most of it, but the kids loved it), watched the Olympics, worked on cards and crafty projects, read, and relaxed.

I miss the sun already!

**Do you have spring fever too?


Cheri said...

How fun!

I totally have spring fever, but luckily I live in a great climate where we have about a month of winter (meaning, rain) and then it's warm again. It's got its ups and downs though...

Linn said...

Looks so fun!

I can't tell you how happy it made my heart to see your grandma and grandpa--two of my favorite people in the world. You know I am their favorite right? Outside of their grandchildren, I win. :) I adore them.

Loved all the pictures!

Janene said...

We got a warm fix in Las Vegas a couple weekends ago. Unfortunately it rained much of the time.. but just the change of scene was nice.

I have to say I can't believe that picture of Coleman by the palm trees, he looks so grown up all of the sudden!

Kristi said...

How fun!! I am totally with you on the Spring Fever thing. In fact, we were trying to arrange a St. George trip for that weekend, too, but our plans didn't plan out...bummer. Glad you had fun!! I just love St. George

Jen said...

AHHH, St. George is my favorite place to visit! This winter is lasting too long, thats for sure!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad you got to see Linsey and her new boy! Thanks for taking pictures so I could see him too!

I totally have Spring fever. Although I have to say this past winter has been pretty mild so I can't really complain. But bring on the 70 degree weather!

The Cole Family D+K=D said...

Cool pictures!!!
You're so lucky you got to meet little Jaxton!!! :)
Que rico que se pudieron escapar del invierno por algunos dias :)
Liv and Coleman se ven tan grandes! estan creciendo muy rapido :)

Rockelle said...

i must I painted my living room yesterday....That qualifies right ?