Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's just not my thing...

Since I had my blood clot back in September I have known that my doctor was planning an artificial induction of labor--save for a glorious week where I believed that I could change medications and go into labor on my own, but that was shattered after an appointment with the perinatologist who talked me out of switching medicine for many valid reasons--yet I am still opposed to being induced. I judge no one that WANTS to be induced or HAS BEEN or WILL BE induced or anything... it just isn't my thing for many reasons... so I have a plan.

Now that we have her room almost finished (photos to come when I finish the quilt... this weekend???)... and her clothes washed and ready to wear I am almost feeling that we can welcome her into the world.

My last day of work is March 11th... and between 5 pm on that day and March 16th (the day before scheduled induction) I will be employing any and all ways to naturally induce this labor and bring baby girl safely into the world without the aid of pitocin.

I am so open to ideas that any of you might have... but please don't share negative stories of things that didn't work or horrid labor and birthing stories (with or without inductions) because I need all the positive thoughts and energy I can muster and gather...

I'm already effaced and dilated a bit... and I've had lots of contractions, which is a change from my other pregnancies, but nothing in any sort of pattern, and the contractions (or rather "uterine surges" according to the HypnoBirthing method which to me is a combination of good relaxation and breathing techniques and total kookyness) aren't painful. Despite this, my doctor feels I'll go until the 17th (still the only day she can induce!!! Did I mention I don't want a St. Patrick's Day baby???).

My plans to start this party on my own include:

  • Lots of sitting on the birthing ball (as I type even!)
  • March 11th, 5:30 pm--Scheduled a massage with a certified prenatal massage therapist who is willing and able to apply pressure to the reflexology points that are known to induce labor. I think this worked for Olivia's birth.
  • Evening primrose oil--taken orally and um, "applied" when the date gets closer to soften things up.
  • Spicy foods... anyone up for a Cafe Rio lunch with me on Monday, March 14th? Let's say 11:00 am?
  • Italian food... with lots of oregano (someone at work has promised a recipe for Eggplant Parmesan GUARANTEED to induce labor... the recipe is even copyrighted!).
  • What gets the baby in, gets the baby out (or so I hear). Enough about that.
  • Walking, stationary biking, hiking in the mountains (altitude changes, right?), and if it comes down to it, Ryan has been instructed to put the trampoline mat back on (it's still off because we keep getting crazy snow here!).
  • Rubbing clary sage oil into my belly... and I will state unequivocally that this will be one of the last resorts... this oil smells so bad that it would scare anyone or anything out of a warm safe place... I'm pretty sure I don't want to expose baby, me, or anyone else to this smell. I have delayed purchasing this and will not buy it until it's the 16th and I've had no other success.
  • Castor oil... another very last resort which apparently sends the GI tract into such spasms that contractions follow shortly... I hear an OJ chaser makes it all go down a bit better... but it still doesn't sound all that appealing.
**Any other ideas for natural labor induction?
(Remember, positive thoughts and experiences only... you can tell me all about the things that DON'T work after this babe is here!)


gurrbonzo said...

she will come out on her own! i know it and believe in both of you! i've heard fresh pineapple helps, and garlic garlic garlic (not with the pineapple). but i honestly believe in the power of your mind..."if you believe, you can achieve!"

Good luck, Lisa!

Sara White said...

I am sure Ryan was happy to read your post.....hahahahahahahaha! Have fun with that one! Just maybe I will be up for Cafe Rio next week. It is, after all, a week from now! Or we can go get spicy food at the Thai place!

Jenny said...

You are awesome make me laugh. I believe in you and this little baby girl. I'm excited to see if anything works! Let me know!

Kristy said...

It was fun to see you at the shower. I told you my secret about hiking around Snowbird. That is the one and only time my water broke. It was a pleasant surprise at three weeks early!

Heather said...

I say that you stick your guns because if there is one thing that I could go back and redo in my life....It would have been sticking to mine. I say pray. I am sure that you have already done that so say go for the method that involves Ryans. Grrrrr baby.

emilyw said...

I would suggest finding a chiropractor who is certified in performing the Webster Technique. It was developed to help mothers with breech babies. I had this done with my last baby. While it is not a guarantee that it will INDUCE labor, it may help.

My labors are long and hard (Devon's was 40 hours!!). My doula suggested that I try this method for Julia's birth. I did and this was the result - it was the first birth that I did not have to have pitocin to get contractions going (I usually start labor on my own, just can't keep it going), the first labor where my water broke on its own (usually the doctor had to do it) and the first labor that was incredibly short (something like 5 hours!!). With all of these experiences, I would recommend this to any mother trying to avoid a pitocin induced labor. With four deliveries under my belt, I am soooo convinced that this technique is a helper (and it certainly won't HURT the baby). Google it and see what you think. :)

Good luck in your last few weeks. I really hope things go the way you'd like. I'll be praying for you.

Linn said...

Can't help with ideas (I have problems keeping them in longe enough), but stick with what you know is right sweet friend!

At this exact moment, my friend is in the hospital, days past when her doctor's told her she HAD to deliver her twins by C-section. She is only 32 weeks along and she felt incredibly strongly that they should wait, even though she is dilated to a six. I say good for her because these babies have gotten four more days inside her then they would have and who knows how many more they will get. (They are under absolutely no stress, so that is why see stuck with her guns.)

Yeah for people who do what is right for themselves and their babies! You can do it! If nothing else, get WAY into March Madness. All the screaming and jumping up and down makes me feel like I would go into labor. And I'm not expecting.

Linn said...

Please pretend there are not 37 typos in my previous comment. Thanks.

Mrs.Smith said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Linn's. Found you on her bloglist. :)

You've got everything I've ever heard of or tried. :) Except something else that would sort of go in the "unmentionables" you alluded to so tactfully. My guess is that you've already heard of it, but the way a newborn nursing helps stimulate contractions... Yeah.

I'd do lots of hypno-birthing kookyness. Psych that baby out! I LOVE hypnobirthing.

Laughing is great, too.

Oh, and at the hospital before they resort to pitocin, you could have them break your water and see if that jump-starts it. For me, labor always jumps up about 200 notches once my water breaks.

Although I'm sure you won't need to worry about any of the above. Baby is going to get the vibe!

Good luck!

Lauren said...

Talk to Lindsey about the eggplant parmesan...DOESN'T work (plus it takes a long time to make and costs a lot!) I have a friend who had success with acupuncture. More recently, I made a big batch of thick taco soup for my friend and she went into labor a few hours after dinner - maybe I should copyright my special recipe?! :o)

Janene said...

Oh... certainly (hopefully!) I'm too late to offer advice. Your babe is probably here! I haven't been to your blog often enough and this has snuck up on me. Good luck! You'll be great :o)