Friday, December 14, 2007

The Breastfeeding Cafe--Slow News Day

It must have been a slow news day at the Salt Lake Tribune yesterday--they finally ran the article on the Breastfeeding Cafe (which was in August!). Many of you know that a good part of my life this year went to the planning and carrying out of this activity, so to have it be "newsworthy" even 3 1/2 months late is like getting a shiny gold star for my forehead. The article was very well written--just a bit late to encourage the masses of people we wanted to see at the City Library in August! You can read the article here. The cute ladies in the picture are Jean (who scheduled all volunteers--close to 100!) and Nicole (with her youngest daughter) who did all the work with the City Library to get things arranged. I co-chaired the Cafe with Vanessa (not pictured), who lamentably has moved on to greener pastures and recently relocated to London. There were so many people who put their hearts and souls into this event--and hopefully we helped inspire thought and conversation about breastfeeding. Thanks SLTrib for (finally) covering our event!


Nicole said...

I am glad to have found your blog as well!! Now, about my blog. Thanks for the kind words, but promise not to laugh at my REALLY bad photography.....I don't have enough patience to wait until I have good lighting! Really I mainly ramble on endlessly without the writing is poor too! LOL :) The craft projects have merit though, and my husband is never all that impressed with my creations, so I needed a forum to show them off without the eye roll!

Spencer and Cheri Wirthlin said...

Lisa, love the blog! Thanks for the Christmas card; what a cute family you are! -Cheri

HarperHappenings said...

Congrats Lisa! I'm so glad that this was a success for you. You are such an inspiration for so many of us Moms! I know from experience that you are great at what you do!