Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas cards! I love to make and send them and I love to write a cheesy update letter. I feel like it's a way that we can stay a little connected to all the people we care about in our lives--mission friends and companions, high school and college friends and roommates, cousins, aunts and uncles, and people we've worked with. We love to get them in the mail too--it's so fun to find out how our loved ones are doing. We post them all on our coat closet door and the surrounding area so we can look at them all month long. The kids love to look at the pictures and ask who all the people are--it's a great opportunity to "introduce" them to the special people in our lives. We spend a few minutes telling them how we know them and a little something about the person or family so Olivia and Coleman can get to know them too. Ryan laughs at me because I hang up ALL the cards we get, even the one from our dentist! I save all of our cards from year to year too (can we say pack rat?) so that I can get ideas for our next card or just to reminisce about years past.

No guilt if you don't send out Christmas cards or if you send them but we aren't on your list--just know that if you do send us a card or picture, we've got a spot for it for all to see. If you haven't gotten a card from us, it's because we've lost track of you (or it's coming with your gift!). Send your address our way and we'll get a card your way!


Heidi said...

I LOVED the card and newsletter we received from you the other day! It's fun to see how you post cards at your house and talk to your kids about them--we do the same and I keep the newsletters in a big, fat binder from year to year. In fact, I've filled up ten years worth and am compiling a new binder now. Merry Christmas, Harper family! XOXOX!!!

sara said...

We got your card yesterday. I too love christmas cards. Yours are a lot more fancy than mine. It was fun to read the things your family has been up to this year!
Merry Christmas. You'll be getting ours as soon as I get around to doing it :)

Lori said...

i keep all of our cards, too and hang them on the door of our coat closet. I figure if people care enough to send them, then we might as well keep them up for a few weeks. I hope people just don't throw away the ones we send.