Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tooth Sealants, According to Olivia

Today Olivia had to get sealants on her molars. Since we didn't know the process, I asked Olivia to tell me all about it when she came out. Here's her story:

"First they put that air sucky thing in your mouth. Then they put the soap on your teeth, you know, the teeth soap to clean them. Then they put in a sponge thing to catch all the slobber. Then they paint on the sealing stuff. Then they do the other side. Then they give you a token. Then you get to choose a toy like the bouncy ball I chose. And it tastes yucky. The end."


Heidi said...

Hello, Harper Family! Well so much for calling you like I planned and promised, Lisa. But at least I've discovered your blog. It's so fun to read about you and your family! What a cute report from Olivia....