Thursday, December 27, 2007

Someone Cares!

I just got a very interesting phone call--one that made my day. Most of you know that I am extremely opinionated and enjoy sharing my opinions with anyone who will listen (some might call it "blowing smoke"). Today I got a phone call asking me to be a part of a small focus group (only 12 people) that will meet for 90 minutes to discuss political ideas. Not only do they want my opinion, they are going to pay me for it, and as I just shared with Ryan, make me feel like they really want to know what I think. The caller told me I'd get refrehments to boot, and our meeting is at Thanksgiving Point, so I'm pretty sure the treats will be tasty!

How lucky is that???


Traci Johnson said...

Free food AND you get to share your opinion?? I'll bet you're in heaven. They know what they're doing if they asked you. You'll be great! Have fun, and let us know how the food is!

Terri said...

Pretty cool, Lisa! You do seem to keep involved and know what's going on in the world around you. Not only that, you form well-judged opinions. What a wonderful opportunity. Have fun!