Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Check this out (Alternate title: Call me Linda).

Several months ago I ordered some new checks at my bank's local branch. Let me be clear, I love my bank and I love the people that work there, but somehow the young teller that helped me out missed a few important details. Keep in mind, I was there, in person, by myself, ordering the checks. Ryan and I have a shared checking account, so both of our names are on the account and have been for many years. The checks arrived within a week or two, but I didn't bother opening them until I ran out of checks last week.

Imagine my surprise to find that my name wasn't on the checks, in any form! The numbering was off too. I wasn't in a very good mood about all of this (I needed to write a check!) so I called the branch and got some checks re-ordered. They were very nice and apologetic and helpful. I got my new checks the other day, and being in a better mood than I was when my first set of checks arrived, I burst out laughing when I opened them today.

I guess I could start going by Linda.


Julie Pia said...

What a pain Linda.....glad you got a good laugh!

Linn said...

I happen to think that is a lovely name. If only it were yours.

So my husband lost our debit card a couple of months ago. We had to call and cancel it. (Did you know that any charges on a debit card, even if they are fradulent, are your responsibility? Just an FYI, didn't know that. We cancelled before we had any charges, but that is a good piece of information to know.) Anyway, we still use our bank in Utah, so we could not go in and get a card right away. We waited for several days and I was so excited when they came.

I opened them up and noticed there was only a card for me. Strange. So, I called our bank. They looked at our account and told me that while my address had been changed to MA, my husband's address (on our joint account) was still listed as CA. His had been sent to sunny CA. So they had to cancel those cards and send us new ones. Several more days waiting.

It was pretty hilarious. Next time we move and I call the bank with our new address, I'll make sure and let them know my husband moved with me. I guess that doesn't happen often and it threw them off.

Okay, at least I didn't leave a long comment. Sorry about that Linda.

Anonymous said...

You look like a Lisa to me. That is pretty darn funny. I mean I'm sure it is frustrating, but you have to just laugh.

Boyce said...

Ok thats hilarious. Some things just get so frustrating that they have to be funny! Glad you can laugh about it. Maybe you should ask Ryan who this Linda is that he's sharing an account with...sounds fishy to me :)

the harpers said...

Hey Linda! Love your post!

Janene said...

Hah! Just sign your name REALLY fast (and sloppy) and maybe no one will notice. :o)