Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wanna Talk?

We've had my nephew Jonah with us for a couple of days while his mom and dad are off basking in some sunshine. He is 1 1/2 and full of energy and curiosity. He slept really well last night... until about 4:00 am when he figured it would be a lot more fun to lay on me, jump on our bed, and tell stories for a couple of restless hours. This morning Olivia said, "So, I guess you don't want a baby anymore, right mom? You wouldn't get any sleep!" I assured her that the lack of sleep is worth it, and that even as a baby she didn't sleep very well and SHE is obviously worth it. (At this point we'd take a baby monkey if it were sent to us, and I'm not even an animal person.)

Coleman and Liv have had a great time playing with him, saving him from imminent dangers, and feeding him (he eats way better when one of them is on the other end of the spoon).

He is starting to say a few words, and when the phone is for him he yells out "Talk!" He gets so excited to hear his parents' voices.

You'll notice his fat lip--he seems to have fallen several times while he's been here and this morning his teeth met up with his lip while he was playing the piano. There was blood (enough to cause a moment of panic that I'd have to run him in for a stitch or two) but it stopped quickly and he seemed to forget all about it within minutes. Of course it would happen while WE are watching him. Maybe it will heal before his mom and dad pick him up?


Sally said...

Jack did the same thing just two days ago. I debated taking him in for stitches, but it would have been the first time for anyone in our family, and I was too lazy to break that streak, so I just laid him down for his nap. It's also at least the fourth times he's bit his little lips. Ah well.