Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Draper Temple

We took the kids to the Draper Temple Open House tonight. It was a beautiful building, but the best thing about it was introducing Olivia and Coleman to a place that provides our family with so many blessings. The Open House runs through the middle of March--you can still request tickets here.

We started out by waiting in the cultural hall of a nearby LDS church and stayed there for almost an hour (thank goodness for games on the iPhone).

Then we moved into the Relief Society room and waited, and waited, and waited, then watched a brief movie about the temple. Then we waited some more.

Then we boarded a bus and rode for a few minutes until we got to the temple, where we walked through and enjoyed every minute of it (although Coleman had a hard time staying on the plastic flooring... and he wanted to touch everything he could get his hands on).

After the tour, we went into another LDS church (which was decorated so nicely) and had a lovely cookie and drink of water. Leave it to the Mormons to provide cookies :). They had comment cards to fill out and Liv wanted to make her mark. This is what the kids shared:

Olivia: "This was my first time in a temple and I really liked it. I felt the Holy Ghost."

Coleman: "I really liked all of the sparkly thingies."

I have to say, aside from the sweet spirit I always feel in the temple, I loved all of the upholstery, art, and decor, and I loved the sparkly thingies too.

**Have you been to the Open House?
**Do you plan to go?


KM said...

So cool. I wish we could go. I'm glad I can live it vicariously through your blog.

Kristi said...

Glad you and your kids had a great time (aside from all the waiting). We are taking our family in a couple of weeks and I am SO excited to take my girls in there and let them experience all that goodness.

Sally said...

Yes, we did go. On Monday for Jack's Birthday. I feel like Grace is the only one who paid any attention. It was too long and too much walking for the littles. The cookie was nice, though. A worker who was watching Jack melt down said "cookies ahead!" and we thought he was kidding. It was such a relief when we actually got them! Jack liked to run OFF the plastic on purpose, but he's snarky like that, and was wired from all the waiting. Anna's stirring comment was "temples are BORING! When can we go home?" We were so proud. Especially since nothing she ever says is quiet. She pretty much yelled that. I'm glad some families have a nice time going. I'm wishing Troy and I had just gone for a date. I loved the windows, and the rug in the bride's room especially. Also the wood, that didn't seem to have ANY knots. How?!

the harpers said...

We went last week and loved it! The kids did great and Sam was so curious about everything, Lyz was really into the gold (non-working) drinking fountains! Awesome experience for our kids and the Temple is beautiful!

Cheri said...

What a great thing to take your kids to. When I was 8 I got to go through Las Vegas, and a couple years later through San Diego. That's when I knew I wanted to get married in SD. Too bad that didn't work out... :)

My favorite room in each temple was always the bride room.

Janene said...

We went on what we didn't realize was the first day of open house, sounds like it is more busy now!

I loved the rooms, the artwork. Such a beautiful place. My favorite part was being in the sealing room as a family together. Feels good just thinking about it again.