Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

We spread our Valentine's celebrations out over the weekend and had lots of lovey dovey goodness which included:

Helping in the kids' class parties. In Olivia's class we made pictures for the kids' parents, just like the ones of our kids below. In Coleman's class we didn't take photos--but we had a great time throwing bean bags into heart buckets and the kids shot off pink balloons at a heart shaped bulls-eye.
Cute Valentine Kids! Liv got her cute sweater from her cousin McKenzie (we love hand-me-downs) and Coleman's awesome heart pirate shirt was saved from last year (although it might be time to retire it--if he lifts his hands up to high we get some serious belly views).

I love flowers--even though Ryan knows I don't expect them, they are always such a nice surprise.

Ryan got a paint can full of memories and coupons and candy. I loved the idea when I saw it on Good Things Utah. You can buy clear, empty paint cans at Roberts (or other scrapbook stores) and with a little scrapbook paper, ribbon, and chipboard it makes a great gift for your sweetie.

The kids got their own little boxes full of treats, a Valentine's book, and a bunch of chipboard notes telling what we love about them.

It was fun to come up with some of the many reasons we love our kiddos.

We ate our heart-shaped pizzas with sparkling cider in fancy red goblets (have I mentioned that I love the Target clearance rack?).

I've always loved eating pretzels dipped in caramel and chocolate. I thought I'd try making them myself instead of spending a fortune for just a few--they turned out so pretty and so delicious! I had grand visions of delivering them to friends, but only a few lucky people got them (we liked eating them a lot).

After a fun lunch and movie date with Ryan (we finally saw Twilight--meh!) we took the kids to see "Coraline" in 3-D. We were all amazed with the effects (it's shot in stop-motion photography) but both of the kids thought it was a little scary. Truth be told, I thought it was a little scary too, but I was so enthralled with the imagery that I got over it.

We heart Valentine's Day!

**Did you have any Valentine's surprises?
**What are your Valentine traditions?
**Do you love hand-me downs?
**Do you love Target's clearance rack (or another store)?
**Have you seen (or will you see) "Coraline" in 3-D?


Cheri said...

LOVE Target's clearance rack! And I love your Valentine's craftiness - so fun!

Julie Pia said...

Yummy Pizza and pretzels. Do you have a good recipe you would like to share?

Have you read the book "3 cups of tea"? If so, did you like it? We are reading it for March book group and I want the low down. I finished "the book thief" and didn't love it. Too depressing.


Kristi said...

You are always so good at coming up with cute gifts! Can I be part of your family? I love the idea of telling your kids why you love them. I'm sure they will hang onto those forever. The pretzels sure look yummy!! I may have to try those.

Linn said...

Man, you are the ultimate mom and wife and just person! My yarn ball tradition pales in comparison. Love it all!

Sally said...

I still haven't seen Twilight. I thought I was the only girl on the planet who hadn't. Based on what I've heard, I'm not tempted. Maybe a dvd viewing someday....
Darling pizzas. I wonder how you got a heart shape? Not that mine don't look odd when I try to make circles, but I'll be a heart would elude me, just because I was trying to make it, you know?
My Grace is too wimpy to see anything like Coraline, although I would like to see it with Troy. Her own shadow scares her!

marion said...

¡¡¡ que lindo su dia de san valentin!!!... el mio tambien fue muy hermoso.
me alegro mucho de ver la hermosa familia que tienes :)
bueno les dejo muchos saludos y muchos cariños.
con amor marión

Janene said...

I was excited about a gift I had for Peter -- a very RED U of U sweatshirt. Truth be told, we try not to spend too much on Valentine's, but this was more like an extension of his birthday since he always gets the shaft (early January).

Kristy said...

I love all those things and your creative gift ideas!Happy Love Day!

emilyw said...

We LOVE hand-me-downs. My kids very rarely get brand new things because we have so many generous friends with kids just the right ages for donations. And I am a Target clearance freak! The clearance rack is usually where I head first. :) I have never heard of Caroline. I guess that makes me sort of a hermit? I'll go look it up now. Great post! It inspires me to get more creative next year!

LAURA and ELIZA said...

Lisa! Why are you so creative?? I need to learn how to be like you! Do you teach classes or anything? I love looking at your blog! Do you think that paint can idea would be good for Nate's birthday next week? Email me.