Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fire Department Fun

Today we got to go the fire department with Coleman's preschool class. The firefighters/paramedics were so great with the kids.

Coleman was full of knowledge ("You should crawl on the floor, kind of like a snake, so that the smoke doesn't get on you and burn you" and "If you feel the door and it's hot, go out the window!") until they discussed "Stop, Drop, and Roll." Apparently we missed the boat on that one when discussing our fire safety plan. Oh, and we need to find a meeting place for our family too--the mailbox sounds like a good option--which Coleman approved of by looking at me from across the room and raising his eyebrows and nodding.

They let the kids climb in the trucks and investigate. Notice Coleman's hands? Yep, they are in his pocket, a fascination of his of late.

Then they let them try on their fire safety clothes. They were so big and heavy and the kids loved it. My favorite thing about this photo is that Coleman spontaneously put his arm around cute Natalie (he's made it known that he has "feelings" for Natalie that go beyond friendship--for her Valentine he wanted to make sure the message had "love" in it). If they end up together, I am SO mailing this photo out with their wedding announcement.

After the tour was over Coleman asked one of the EMT's how fast he could get dressed. He said he could get in all of his gear in just under a minute. The other paramedic said she could too--and we thought a little competition was in order. It was fun for the kids to watch these super-speedy community heroes get into their super hero suits.

What a good looking group! The tour was fabulous.

At the end they even gave each of the kids their own fire hat and coloring book. They really know how to entertain!

As we were leaving we thanked them and I told them I hoped I never saw them again. (I don't want any emergencies or fires or accidents or anything that would require their presence!)

**Do five year old romances ever really work out?
**Does your family have a fire safety plan and a meeting place?


Heidi said...

Unfortunately I have to answer "no" on the second question, but we need to have a plan at our house. Maybe I will make that delicious bread that I am now craving and then make a plan....

Janene said...

What a great preschool outing! Useful too, sounds like Coleman knows more about his family fire plan than I know about mine. :o/

emilyw said...

We have a plan - not sure how smooth it would actually run in the event of a fire with four little ones who panic, but we have a plan. :)

Lula Mae said...

Don't you love preshchool field trips? I love to go. Fun pictures!