Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the "Good Mom" award goes to....

...I'm not sure who, but I'm quite sure it's not me. This, after I was feeling like such a wonderful parent these last few days because I'm reading The Glass Castle where the parents leave much to be desired. After all, I don't allow my kids to cook hot dogs themselves (and catch on fire) or ride in the back of a moving truck while holding a baby, or play with discarded chemicals in old sheds, or... you get the picture, right?

Despite my "competency" at parenthood, the last few days have proved otherwise.

Tuesday morning Liv told me she was sick. Her stomach hurt, and she didn't think she should go to school. However, I had errands to run and things to do and I was pretty sure she wasn't really sick... so Ryan and I teamed up and convinced her that she was fine and not really sick so she could still go to school. We had a stern conversation with her about telling the truth and got her ready for school. She didn't eat breakfast, but I packed her a lunch with Jell-O and juice. At school she told her teacher that she didn't feel good, who then told her maybe she needed some food in her tummy, so Olivia ate her Jell-O like the obedient child that she is. She sat through lunch recess feeling yucky and upon returning to her class promptly threw up in the garbage can. Let's just say the conversation with the teacher ended with "so you see, Mrs. Harper, she really was sick." Olivia made sure that both Ryan and I recognized that she had been telling the truth and that she was in fact sick.

Olivia recovered within a day and was happily back at school, soccer, eating, and wanting to play with friends.

This morning Coleman said he didn't feel good, his stomach hurt, and he thought he should stay home from preschool. Once again, I had things to do and I was pretty sure Coleman was fine. So, once again, I sent my child on his way and then did my thing.

When Coleman got dropped off from preschool, my friend Jill told me he wasn't feeling so good. He didn't look good either. He walked in the house and got to the couch and stayed there, taking sips of apple juice now and again, drifting in and out of sleep. He seemed warm (but taking his temperature didn't show a fever--good thing I have an awesome underarm thermometer that is oh-so-accurate) and then his breathing became labored. He couldn't seem to calm it down and he started coughing quite a bit. Jill called to see how he was and I told her his symptoms--she told me how a few weeks ago she felt so awful and was surprised to find out she had pneumonia. She asked if he'd had breathing problems before... and he hasn't... and I didn't think much about it, but I was sure it wasn't something like pneumonia or asthma. I decided that if he wasn't better within 12 or 15 hours, I'd take him to the doctor. When Ryan got home, he felt like we should probably take him tonight, so I set an after-hours appointment. Ryan and I assured him that the doctor would help us figure out what was wrong and poor Coleman was worried about having to get a shot. We both assured him that a shot wasn't necessary, the doctor would just look at him, and maybe give him some medicine to help him.

Turns out he had a fever of 101 F.

Turns out he needed a breathing treatment.

Turns out he not only has a virus, but pneumonia.

Turns out he needed a gigantic, painful injection of an antibiotic, which I then had to rub in for FIVE minutes, which elicited even more agonized cries.

Turns out he needs 3 more days of nasty-tasting antibiotic.

Turns out he needs 4 days of steroid medication, that "could have a bit of an after-taste."

Turns out he might need another breathing treatment tomorrow.

Turns out he really needs to drink more liquids and get some food in his tummy.

Turns out, mothers don't always know (or do) best.

To those whose children have been around my sweet (sick) kids, the doctor assures me that they haven't been contagious for several days.


Christy P. said...

It happens to everyone! I remember my mom telling my sister to stop complaining about her foot hurting for weeks. After all, she was still jumping rope and going to gymnastics, it couldn't really be hurt, right? When she finally took her to the doctor even my mom could see the broken bone on the x-ray, and she felt pretty bad about it.

Jill said...

I am so sorry! It sounds like quite a bad week. I hope that Coleman is back to his usual self soon!

♥Shally said...

The thing is...

If you had taken him to the doctor, you would have waited for 2 hours, worried for more, paid your co pay, only to find out it was nothing. :)

Sorry you have sick kids...

Nathan & Lesli said...

My sympathies! I think every parent goes through things like this. My sister complained of her ear hurting for quite a while until taking her in only to find out she had a bebe gun cap lodged in there pretty deep.
There is always something. I hope you all recover soon. Lesli

Nick and Miriam said...

Oh Lisa! I'm so sad for your kiddos! What a horried way to spend the beginning of school! I hope they are back to healthy in no time!

Kristy said...

I feel your pain. I am nursing Miles back to health as we speak. He was puking all night and morning. He just got over a really nasty outer ear infection too! Nothing like sick kids to start the year off with a bang! I hope your little Coleman gets better soon.

Heather said...

Lisa, I have been living in snot for the last week or so. Yum. I think that I like snot better than what little Coleman has to do. I was the queen of sick (of school) so I wouldn't have acted any differently. You are a kick butt mom especially since you don't let your kids cook dogs by themselves and catch on fire. Keep trekking for eternity.

julie said...

I think you can still claim the award. See, we've all done that!

Hope your kiddo are all well soon!

Ashley and Matt said...

I hate watching little ones suffer. I took my perfectly healthy baby to a well baby visit and the next day had the sickest kid I have ever seen. Take a healthy baby to the Doc and get a 103 fever and parents scared to dealth...great.

Kristi said...

I'm sorry!! Don't feel bad, I think everyone's comments prove that we all do that. For me, I get overly worried and take my kids to the doctor at the drop of a hat. (Richard has learned to just deal with the many pointless co-pays we shell out.) I took Ash in one time and I was CONVINCED she had an ear infection. I was so confident I told that to the doctor and the nurse. When the doctor looked in her ear and told me it looked great I couldn't believe it. He continued on to look in her mouth and guess what was there? Oh, just 2 new molars that had just popped through. DUH!! I was so convinced it was something more serious that I didn't even think to look in her mouth.
It looks like we would be good for eachother, to balance eachother out. :)
I hope they both get feeling better soon and that you and Ryan keep healthy, too.

Allyson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Coleman! Poor little guy! I'm glad he's starting to feel better though! And yeah, there's not question, you ARE an excellent Mom!