Monday, September 1, 2008

Thanks to my bff TAMN and Scribble It!

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading TAMN's blog, you have been missing out. Seriously, So Blessed is the latest, greatest, most brilliant blog out there. If you are a Mormon Mommy Blogger like me and slash or if you can just appreciate good humor and poking fun at our unique Mormon culture, this will bring you to tears with laughter. If you are easily offended--thicken your skin, get over it, and get ready to laugh. TAMN has been featured in the paper a few times and she was even on KSL last week--and I feel seriously, so blessed to have been a reader (and therefore an e-bff of TAMN's) from the beginning. TAMN (Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole) is a self-proclaimed hot, righteous, newly preggers 25 year old that has it all figured out. She went all Oprah and did a big give-away from her sponsors (the girl's got sponsors!!!). Long story short, I was a lucky winner!!! I won a $20 gift certificate to Scribble It!

I love vinyl lettering, but I have been commitment issues when it comes to putting words on my wall. I have lots of wooden plaques and tiles with vinyl lettering but only one other phrase actually ON the wall (it's in the laundry room, it says: Laundry--Loads of Fun). 2 Nephi 31:20 is my favorite scripture, and I particularly love this part, so I decided it would be a good one to put on the wall. I love the fancy font (Scriptina) used for the words steadfastness, hope, and love... and I just love how positive this is. I put it above our kitchen window so we could see it all the time. I always need a good reminder in each of these areas.

Scribble It did a great job... but unfortunately I'm not as perfect as TAMN and I seriously botched it during application... I folded it onto itself, so the letters and adhesive backing stuck to each other... I spent some serious time picking apart each letter and rubbing off adhesive, then I tried to get the spacing right and used tweezers to put the letters and words back together... amazingly enough, I salvaged the letters and even the punctuation. I had used a level to get a straight line, but as you can see that didn't do much good, and it has a distinct slant upwards to the right. Ryan is glad that I put it up by myself, so I have no one else to be mad at. I so wanted to say lots of swear words while I was trying to fix it, but given the content of the wording, I refrained. It isn't lost on me though that the word "perfect" is anything but perfect. Oh well, gives it character, right? Sorry TAMN (not that you would be reading MY little blog, you have way to many bffs to keep track of us all...), I hope I don't reflect badly on your reputation :).

**What phrase would you commit to putting on your wall?
**Have you heard of TAMN and read Seriously, So Blessed yet?


Christy P. said...

One day when I was a freshman in college I came home to discover that my roommate had written Latin vocabulary words all over the wall on her side of the room. She thought it would be better than flashcards. Having only recently heard the "you'll have to pay for damages speech" when we moved in, I was shocked, but she assured me it was written in highlighter, and that it came off with Windex (super high gloss paint in a dorm!). It wasn't long before many of our roommates (there were 8 in the suite) were writing slogans and chemistry formulae on the walls. Nothing so uplifting as Scripture, though.

Sally said...

Can't think of any. I feel like I'm breaking one of the commandments by not having a phrase on my walls, much less an uplifting one. Uplifting ones bore me, however, and it has to have quite a bit of snark to it for me to want to see it every day. I want to chuckle, guffaw, or at least smile when I see the new piece of me on a wall, and I haven't found just the right fit yet.

Kristy said...

Yes! I have read and laughed and laughed. I even had a post about it but deleted it because it really is all about our culture and doesn't apply to everyone. It also drives me a little nuts. But my skin is so thick and think the mockery is hillarious. While we would like to break the mold we all have a little green jello running through our veins.

Amanda D said...

I love your wall with the scripture on it! It looks so good. We used to have 'HOME is where your story begins' on the wall at our old house. Wish we could have brought it with us!

Thanks for your comment on my lego party. I did use cupcakes on top of a cake for the Lego cake. It was easy. Good luck with your Lego party! My kids loved it.