Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Journey of a Peter Breinholt Fan

I've been a fan of local Utah artist Peter Breinholt for as long as I can remember... and when I stop to think of how many times I've seen him perform, it makes me a little emotional (doesnt' take much these days) thinking about all the stages of life that I've gone through with Peter (not that he has any idea who I am, but that's beside the point...).

I first saw him in my early college days with one of my best friends Kim and her then boyfriend (now husband) Steve. I fell in love with Peter's music. Kim and Steve bought me his CD for my birthday and I quickly had all of the songs memorized.

Peter came to Logan/USU often to perform at LDSSA (Institute of Religion) events that I went to religiously as a college student with roommates and friends.

After the college days... I went to his shows with friends and family. Megan and I really like to go to his Christmas show together. I dated someone for several months after my mission that was as big a fan as I was--we "broke up" several times, but always seemed to get back together to see Peter Breinholt and had a dress code (fleece vests were a must, for some strange reason?).

Just after Ryan and I got married we doubled with this ex-boyfriend to a concert... the music was good, although the company was maybe just a bit awkward.

After Olivia was born we still went to his concerts, and then when Coleman got here we took him too. Who says you can't go anywhere with a nursing baby?

We've seen him at Thanksgiving Point, Sundance, USU, Ellen Eccles Theatre, BYU (De Jong Concert Hall), UofU, and even the Impact Training Center in Salt Lake.

Last Saturday we got to see him again at Thanksgiving Point. We had a ball. The kids spent most of the time running up and down the hill, or doing somersaults, or dancing with me in the front, shamelessly.
The weather looked a little ominous... and we did have a few raindrops toward the end, but we were well prepared with jackets and lots of blankets.
Liv thinks it's especially fun to take self portraits.
The concert was wonderful... and most of all I was glad to be there with my cute kids and my great husband, who has loved Peter right alongside me.

**Have you heard Peter Breinholt's music?
**Are you a "groupie" of any local artists?


Our House is a very, very, very fine house said...

I think Peter is great too, though I can't say I know anything specific of his... I've only been to one of his concerts. During my college days he was just one of many "fixtures" hanging around the institute. He was good friends with some of my good friends... I wish I would've made more of an effort to know him. I think it's fabulous that he is doing so well. He's my closest link to James Taylor.

Janene said...

what a fun time! He played at my senior prom . I won't say how many years ago that was. :o)

Linn said...

Love his music! Looks like you had such a great time!

Heidi said...

Yes, Andy and I met at a Peter Breinholt concert at Highland HS! I was a big fan--thought he looked like James Taylor and brought my brothers with me to hear him that night. I was such a groupie that I went up with my brothers onto the stage after the concert to talk to him. Andy and I were introduced before the concert began, and he called to ask me out to lunch a few days later....