Monday, September 1, 2008

Soccer Season

Soccer season is upon us again and this fall Coleman gets to play! This age group (5) is so fun to watch... the kids are just starting to figure out how to kick the ball and which way to go. They don't have a goalie or keep score, they really just want the kids to get used to playing the game and have fun. Coleman got a great pass from his teammate Jeff and he made the first goal of the game--he ran down the field shouting, "Yes! That was SO awesome. Yes!" It was so exciting to watch the joy in his little body. I wish I had caught it on video!

You can tell that Ryan wasn't there with his camera--he is coaching Olivia's team this year and they only made it for the last few minutes of the game--so we don't have any great action shots.
Maybe in another lifetime I'll take better photos.

**Do you love soccer season?
**Could Coleman have a cuter personality and smile?