Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Camp

Coleman got to attend day camp with his Cub Scout Wolf den. It was a two-day camp that was held at a local park. I got to be a parent helper for a half-day and it was fun to watch Coleman interact with the other boys. They did all sorts of fun activities like parachute games, obstacle courses, build and launch bottle rockets, build catapults, shoot BB Guns, archery, Ultimate Frisbee, and even visit the trading post where nice moms (not me) let their boys purchase their very first pocket knife. Coleman came home with treasures like a rabbits foot, a beaded necklace, and a few keychains. He loves being a part of Scouts!


Kristi said...

Coleman is such a cute scout. I wish I could say I miss serving in scouts, but... No, I do miss interacting with the boys who are so excited to do almost anything but little boys are such a foreign thing for me! :)