Thursday, July 12, 2012


This lovely lady turned 11 last month! We were up at Snowbird with Ryan's family (post to follow) and we got to spend the day in a beautiful place with the people we love.

She got spoiled rotten, as per usual, and had a great day. Her buddies J.D. and Anna even got to spend the afternoon with us. She requested German Chocolate Cake (that makes TWO times in one year I get to make that lovely labor of love) and Cafe Rio salads for dinner. We invited my mom and Mike to come up to celebrate and eat with us. We loved sharing Liv's day with so many people that have been important in her life.

Olivia is thoughtful, responsible, intelligent, funny, caring, faithful, and she does so much for others, without being asked. I feel so grateful that she is a part of our family and love that she loves being with us too. She is already on the countdown to being in Young Women's! We know this will be another great year for our Liv.


Kristi said...

Seriously?! 11?! I can't believe it. She is such a cute girl and such a pretty one, too. How fun that her friends got to come up and spend the afternoon with her. You are such a loving mom to make that cake!!

Shirlene said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Olivia!!! She is a cute girl!!! Isn't it crazy they will be in YW's soon? Lauren only has 6 months basically. They'll be at girls camp next year!!! Looks like you had fun celebrating her.