Sunday, July 15, 2012

Young Women Camp 2012

When I got released from YW and called into Relief Society I was sad (and I'll be honest, a tiny bit relieved) that I wouldn't be spending an entire week at Young Women camp. I told my friend Jill (the Young Women's president) that she had better invite our presidency up as they have in the past for FHE on Monday night, or we might find a way to crash their party. She graciously invited us to come and we had a blast.

It was the 100 year anniversary of Young Women camp this year! To help the Young Women in our ward catch a bit of the vision of that first camp, we (mostly my cute counselor Jacque, who is next to me in the photo) planned a skit of four beautiful Beehives that attended the camp. We all had names that started with "B" so the photo is (left to right) Beulah, Betty, Blanche, and Bernice. (I was Bernice because that was my great-grandmother's name, who was even a young woman during that era.) We dressed up in period clothes and found hats or hairstyles to look like we waltzed in from Camp Liberty Glen in 1912. We even sang the song "To the Canyon, ho! ho!" and it was lovely. We included all sorts of information from the first camp at Liberty Glen and random facts and lingo from 1912. The girls thought it was hilarious... and we had a game show quiz at the end. It was so fun to be with them... there is such a wonderful spirit at Heber Valley Camp and any time you have a group of girls and leaders gathered there are sure to be lots of laughs. For dessert we served fancy Oreo cupcakes to celebrate Camp's birthday (did you know that Oreos were first introduced by Nabisco in 1912?).

We loved our time at camp!