Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Fun and Funny Faces

While Scott and Kristen were visiting we got together at a park for a family dinner late in June. Sophia would take off any time she was put on the ground without an anchor of sorts (usually me or Ryan holding her). That girl is fast! We loved spending time with Ryan's aunts Denise and Karen and their kids and with Ryan's siblings.

Ryan's cool cousin Richard just got married to Shanae who is a master artist with face paints. She brought her supplies and hooked up the kids. Coleman had a T-Rex on the side of his face, whose mouth opened when Coleman opened his mouth. Sophia wanted to be an elephant (she kept saying "Me Elly!") and Liv got some fancy swirly beautiful things. Faith was a butterfly and Alyza wanted a rainbow. Sam was an awesome pirate, but I didn't grab a photo of him (darn it!). They had a great time playing with each other! Someone brought water balloons (which made their cute painted faces run a bit). I loved that Sophia was trying to dry Coleman off with paper towels when he got drenched. I was just glad she was occupied with something that kept her attention long enough to keep her from running off to the park. We ate homemade ice cream and bacon chocolate chip cookies and played kickball and visited and played at the playground (I finally gave in and just TOOK her there... what a novel concept!) and laughed and felt grateful for each other. And did I mention that I chased after Sophia? Yeah, that too.

Here's a short video clip of Coleman's awesome T-Rex (thanks, Shanae!):


Sally said...

Did you make the bacon chocolate chip cookies? I saw them online somewhere and have had them in my recipe queue to try. I can't imagine them being bad!

Lisa R.D. said...

Sal... I didn't make them, but I tried them. I was expecting to hate them (I can't wrap my brain around chocolate and bacon together!) but they were actually pretty good. The saltiness of the bacon was a nice contrast to the cookie. I'm not sure they will become part of my repertoire though :).

Kristi said...

What an awesome talent to have! Those paintings are great!

Bacon AND chocolate chips?! I've never heard of that. Maybe I'll have to try it just to say I've tried it.

Linn said...

THAT is an awesome talent! Wow, I'm super impressed for sure!