Monday, July 16, 2012

Nightside Project

If you have ever had occasion to listen to KSL in the evenings, you may have heard of a little show called "The Nightside Project." Although Coleman has only heard Alex and Ethan a handful of times, he loves them. He was so excited that they brought their show on the road to a Cafe in our town on July 12th. We made a family event of it... it didn't hurt at all that the specialty at the Cafe is dessert crepes. Yum!

The hosts were so kind to Coleman... they were impressed to have such a young fan and they even mentioned him on the air... you can listen to their blurb about Coleman here. (They said he listens every night, but he doesn't, lest you think we don't have more to fill our weekday evenings. The part about Coleman being brilliant, yeah, that was all true :). )

They had all kinds of KSL swag to choose from... and the hosts liked Coleman so much they told him and Olivia they could choose anything they wanted... so they didn't just pick one, they walked away with frisbees, fans, keychains, and anything else that looked remotely interesting. Fun times!


Janene said...

this is cool! Zach is old enough, too, to enjoy listening to the radio shows -- when the content is age appropriate.

I like the nightside project. I think I turn on talk radio for the adult conversation. :o)

Lisa R.D. said...

I totally agree... the content isn't always appropriate :).